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How to Write an Article: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

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Wondering how to write an article? There are many students who find it too difficult to write an article. Even if they try, they’re not able to cover certain areas or beats of an article. The major excuse they give is that they are not confident about their grammatical skills and command over the language. The last excuse they give is that they have no idea about the topic. But not to worry because here are a few easy steps on an article writing for any topic easily:

5 Easy Steps to Write an Article

1. Research  

Before we write about any topic, it’s always important to know about the topic. If we don’t know anything about the topic then what will we write on? So we must research our topic with the help of the internet, contacts, books, etc., and gather all the information related to the topic.                                                                  images (1)

2. Structure 

After researching the topic we must collect all the necessary information and pile it up together. Then the next step is to build a structure of your article. In the structure, you must include an introduction, main body, examples, conclusions, etc. Design the structure is such a way that it serves the importance of your article.

3. Compression and filter

After framing the structure of your article, go through all the information you have gathered and note down the points you think are important, and eliminate the rest of the unimportant information. Connect the points to the structure of your article.                                                                                            images (2)

4. Write up

After you’re sure of your points, and you’ve arranged them according to its structure, start writing the article. Make sure that you link all the points and don’t mix them up. Make sure that you make the least grammatical errors. Don’t plagiarise the information that you’ve collected about the topic. Your article must be entirely original with 0 % plagiarism. An original article is always appreciated by all.

5. Revision

After you’ve completed writing your article, go through it at least thrice. Check all the grammatical errors, punctuation marks, and make sure that nothing irrelevant has been added to your article. Make the necessary changes if required. Make sure you are satisfied with your article. Get did with your final article. There are some plagiarism checker free that can help you know if you’ve copied any parts as well.

Keep a note of the following tips, and you have nothing to worry about!

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