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How To Work With Your Ex at Workplace?

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While you sleep at night, you dream about your ex. A smirk appears on your face when you recall the memories you had with your ex. But all your hopes shatter away when you open your eyes and realise that the person you loved once so dearly, exists no more in your life. After months of weeping and hurting yourself, you finally decide to move on. You start living like you used to before. Your ex- soulmate’s memories vanish out of your head, when, all of a sudden you find him before your sight.


There are times when we are trapped between our professional and personal lives. This happens when our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend walks into our life again, not as a soulmate but as a competitor or a teammate.

Under certain circumstances, you are forced to work with him or her, and you realise that you are left with no other option but to co-operate with him or her. Your head and senior also declares that if you fail to do so, you might lose your job too. How will you react? Will you coordinate with your ex to secure your most precious job and career? Or will you sacrifice your job due to your personal differences?

Here are a few ways to handle a situation in which you and your ex-have to work together at a workplace:Always remember that don’t mix your professional life with personal life. Things can’t be changed now, accept the fact and handle the situation professionally.

Remember, you and your ex-are nothing but two professionals. So don’t hesitate to communicate to him about any issues related to your work or assignments.Be polite to your ex. Don’t let your anger ooze out over him or her. It will spoil your profile. Don’t be aggressive while communicating to him or her. He must also realise that you’ve moved on.

If you and your ex are alone, don’t feel uncomfortable. Stay calm and don’t make him feel uncomfortable too.In case your ex-tries to approach you for sorting out things between the two of you, just explain him to act professionally too, after all, he or she must realise what he or she has lost forever.

Work together as a team and open gates for his or her ideas too.


Don’t make your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend feel that you still have thoughts or feelings for them. Even if you do, bury them outside and let the thoughts not disturb you during your working hours.


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