Women’s Freedom- An Illusion or A Reality ?

Women's Freedom- An Illusion or A Reality ? 1


In the past ages we have heard that women were treated only as objects of necessity at home. They were expected to live at home, provide food for the family and give birth to children. History tells us that protests were made by many eminent people. The British rule suddenly made us think about the rights of women. We started to think about the rights of women- their rights to education, right to vote and funnily after so many years of civilization we started considering women as part of the society.


Present Society

Now let’s move to the present times. Society proudly shows off that it has given women the right to education, the right to live their life. Oh wait that’s the apparent picture that we get. Modern society educates their daughter in a good school, pays for her college and even in many cases allows her to work. But we always miss the loopholes inherent in all of these privileges we get. We are expected to fare well in our exams, but not allowed to voice our thoughts. We are expected to get a proper job but yes the criteria’s are that it should be “safe”, decent, have “security”, no late working hours and the list continues. W3If a girl is given the right to education then she should also be given the right to do what she wants with her life. Yes nowadays many women get to earn and fulfill their materialistic needs. And the stupid society terms this as independence. Come on wake up people. The economic situation of society is such that it is necessity for both the woman and the man to earn to maintain a family. Oh I almost forgot, nowadays everybody wants an educated wife, daughter and bride for their upliftment of social and economic status. But do we ever stop to consider that there may be girls who don’t connect the words security, money and a secured job with the idea of freedom and independence?

Freedom has a personal sense of meaning

For some freedom may actually mean following their passion, going for a holiday all alone or even having some silent time with oneself. For them independence may mean not having to answer questions for their every action. I don’t deny it that we do require money to survive. But economic stability is a necessity irrespective of which sex we belong to. So don’t confuse “being established” with being free.


Acceptance or Protests is not a Solution

Some people including girls themselves have accepted this situation. Some complain about this pathetic situation and some lucky ones are even too blind to understand the situation. Trust me dear readers, acceptance or complaining about it will not help you in any way. Neither will just shouting and talking about it. W2

Believe In Yourself

Every girl has to remember that firstly they were born a human being and not a girl. Each of you have many responsibilities to carry out but never ever forget that the first and foremost responsibility is towards yourself. Learn to love yourself then only you will be able to love what life has to offer to you. And only after you believe in yourself will you be able to make others believe in you. Carry the faith within and try to light up this world with the halo of your faith.

Wake up to a new Horizon

We live with the misunderstanding that development of society conferred upliftment and “independence” to women. Sadly we forget that at the beginning of humanity Adam and Eve lived and existed side by side as equals. W5It was society which gifted shackles to women and it was society again who made a show of removing these shackles again. Don’t get hoodwinked by the noble role that society confers upon itself. We have to break free of this illusion which has been offered to us in the name of freedom and seek the true desire for freedom that lies within every individual.


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