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Instagram Story Ads – Learn to Do It Right!

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Instagram stories are a great way to promote your business. Here are some great tips to create your best Instagram story ad that can yield you maximum results for your business. These tips are for creating stories ads in video format.

Before going any further, it is worth pointing out that when you use stories correctly, you’re going to get instant Instagram views and likes that will go a long way in establishing your credibility in the industry. So, be sure to use this option properly.

Instagram Story Ads – Learn to Do It Right! 1

Videos are the best way to promote business as they tell about your brand in a story format but they are time consuming and need lot of effort to make. Single images ads are easier but videos create a more powerful impact. Videos needs to be edited properly through Facebook ads manager, and you can use a lot of editing tools available on net to add your logo, bring it forefront and do other changes to the videos. Once you are satisfied, you can upload the video.

Be honest, frank but subtle – make a content that is instantly recognizable and relatable and which depicts your brand in a unique style. You should be honest and truthful about what you have to offer and who you are. But do that in style. Create a unique story leaving gaps here and there for people to use their imagination. Being explicit everywhere can be too boring sometimes. It is important that your audience has some guessing work to do so that they are hooked up to your story till the end. At the same time, you should be able to offer some real value to them. Even if they are not interested immediately but if you are giving something unique, they are sure to remember and come back later for it.

Click to Action – Always have a CTA in your video ad. It can be anything like know more, go to website etc… Just something that can prompt user to check out your website or product page.

Video Format – It is important to follow the norm of most popular formats like .mp4, .mov which are easily playable.

Instagram Video Posts

Creating video to be shared in the feed is different from that in Instagram stories. The time for that matter is more – one minute to be precise. The video that goes in the feed can be a specific and detailed one on your product or service and not a general one. If your video length is shorter though, that’s just fine. No need to worry about making it one minute long when you nothing more to show. Longer videos can distract and bore the user. So, it is good to be crisp and to the point.

Stay to the Point – Don’t try to tell a hell lot of things in a single video. Just think about your main goal and stick to presenting only that.

Concise, High-quality Content – Create content that is high quality, bright and appealing. Something that is colorful always attracts users of all ages. There are lot of tools like Adobe Spark that help you embed video clips, photos and icons into a single video. You can also add sound effects in a jiffy. Nowadays, there is a trend to add subtitles for users who can’t turn up volume while seeing the videos (for example, they may be in office or someone might be sleeping nearby). You don’t want them to miss out on your video just because they can’t listen to the audio.

Captions – Captions are important to describe your video. Even when the users don’t have time to see the video, if the caption is engaging and captivating enough, they might be tempted to see the video quickly to see what is in it. Add hashtags in your caption or the comments to help users find the video. For adding some fun, you can also use some cute trendy emojis.

Keep all these points in mind and you will surely be able to make Instagram stories work great for your business.


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