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Elon Musk’s Brain Implant ‘Neuralink’ Gets FDA Approval!

The technological world has been developing day by day. It's getting hard

Santhra Krishna By Santhra Krishna

Elon Musk Surprises Twitter Blue Subscribers!

An old proverb says, "Only thing constant is change" and it appears

Ditz By Ditz1010

Mark Zuckerberg Launches “Chat Lock”: New WhatsApp Feature!

On May 15, 2023, Meta announced a new feature for WhatsApp. It

Naveen khurmi By Naveen khurmi

Google IO 2023 Commences on May 10

The Google IO 2023 is here and Google CEO Mr Sundar Pichai

Ditz By Ditz1010

5 Best Ring Lights for Photography

TikTok influencers, vloggers, makeup artists, and Facetimers use the best ring lights.

Akshita Tiwari By Akshita Tiwari

Spectacular Solar Future That Shines Brighter

Solar power has become a significant force in the world of renewable

Biswajeet Mohanty By Biswajeet Mohanty

How Digitalization of Money Will Change the World

Digitalization is transforming the way we do almost everything these days. Almost

Biswajeet Mohanty By Biswajeet Mohanty

Your Next iPhone Could Be Made By Robots!

Foxconn's New Employee Foxconn, the largest contract electronic manufacturer globally, has automated 

Paulomi By Paulomi

Now Hail An Uber Car With Facebook Messenger.

Just in the time before Christmas, Uber and Facebook have closed a

Dominika Benesova By Dominika Benesova

China is ready to launch the World’s Largest Telescope

The Final Touches China is busy putting the final touches to the

Paulomi By Paulomi

Galaxy Note 7: Will Samsung Kill Its Flagship Phone?

  Samsung has always been one of the leading brands in the

Swastika By Swastika

Facebook May Get Closer To ‘Dislike’ Button!

It would obviously not be called a ‘dislike’ button, but Facebook is

Arshiya Chahal By Arshiya Chahal

Pokemon Go Taking over Porn.

  By now, there's a strong chance you've heard -- and probably

Ankita Biswas By Ankita Biswas

MIUI 9 : Features That Will Amaze You

When we talk about some leading Asian smartphone companies, Xiaomi’s triumph has

AnupamDey By AnupamDey

Bill Gates Opening Gates of Chicken.

  The latest news is that Bill Gates has taken steps to

Ankita Biswas By Ankita Biswas

Driverless Cars Will Run the Streets of London

Driverless cars are not far in the future, the testing has already

Dominika Benesova By Dominika Benesova

11 Ways to Improve User Experience

User experience is a very important topic of discussion while designing a

Aayush Kumar Shrivastava By Aayush Kumar Shrivastava

The Keen Role iOS Developers Play in Software Development

Are you an aspiring student to become a software developer? Then have

Aishwarya prabhakaran By Aishwarya prabhakaran