JLo claims that her cast in the latest movie, The Mother has made her understand motherhood and be a better mother.

The world-famous entertainment news channel E! News tweets,

Jennifer Lopez Says Latest Role Helped Her Become a Better Mom”

JLo Claims 'The Mother' Made Her a Better Mom! 1
Source: Twitter

It also appears that Jennifer Lopez is excited about her upcoming movie on Netflix.

Jennifer Lopez, who is the main cast of “The Mother”, gave an exclusive interview with E! News. She mentioned her pleasure that her role has helped her to understand motherhood.

She said that the movie has affected her love and care as a real-life mother. For those who are not aware, JLo was blessed with twins who are 15 years old now. She also promoted her movie with a tweet on her official page.

Source: Twitter

The actress mentioned to the interviewer,

I really found during this movie, I became a better mom because I was thinking about it“.

Do you wish to hear the whole interview?  You can tune in to E! News.

1. “The Mother” Movie

The Mother is the latest American action movie. It is directed by Niki Caro. The screenplay of the movie is by the trio Misha Green, A. Berloff, and Peter C. T.

1.1. Cast

The cast of the movie includes JLo who plays the role of mother, Joseph Fiennes and Omari Hardwick.

1.2. Plot

The plot of the story is about a former assassin who is trying to hide from assailants. The story tells you about her coming out of hiding to protect her daughter whom she had to leave behind and the movie is released on the OTT platform, Netflix.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Affleck is a Hispanic actress who is also a popular dancer and singer.

Image by Lumeimages on Unlimphotos

2.1. Career

The American actress began her television appearance as a Fly Girl dancer. The actress is popularly known as JLO.

She is also the first Hispanic woman to have earned more than $1 million for a single movie. Her movie Selena brought her laurels and money.

2.2. Lopez -Affleck Relationship

Lopez was married twice before she met her love of life, Ben Affleck. The two actors were in love and had a relationship from 2002 to 2004.

The beautiful couple got engaged in November 2002. However,  they could not get married because of undesired media attendance. The engagement ended in January 2004.

Post break up with Ben Affleck, she was in a relationship with Marc Anthony and she gave birth to twins from the marriage in 2009. Both Marc Anthony and JLo got divorced in 2014.

Did you know that the first photographs of the twins were sold for a whopping $6millions?  The photographs hold the record for his paid photograph of a celebrity.

Getting back with the love of a lifetime,  both JLo and Ben Affleck were seen together again. Both actors confirmed their dating rumors shortly.

Ben Affleck and JLo had remained in touch with each other despite them calling off the engagement.

The couple April 2022 decided to give their love a second chance and got engaged again. The couple are now happily married from 16 July 2022. The couple has 5 kids of which three are Ben Afflick’s and two are twins of JLo.

The movie ‘The Mother’ has been released on Netflix.  So what are you waiting for; watch the movie now and give us a review.



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