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Legal highs: What it is and how it may be helping You in More Ways Than You Think 

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The recent discovery of a distinct moss-like-plant has grabbed the attention of the media and the health care sector as well. The unearthing of this new type of mossy plant is the result of research conducted by a team of scientists in Bern, Switzerland. What they found was astonishingly surprising! A plant possessing striking resemblance with one of the most popular and notorious species of plant we are familiar with – cannabis Sativa in terms of its chemical composition on a molecular level.

What makes this discovery even more significant is that scientists believe this plant contains crucial properties that may possess the potential of aiding people with chronic pain and inflammations amongst many others. Due to their vast potential in the medicinal application, they have been termed as Legal high. You can buy these legal highs from various genuine websites such as Legale Mischung and are readily sold online in various consumption forms such as liquid, powder, tablets, or pills.    


So, what exactly is Legal High?

As stated above, Legal high is the general term used for referring to a specific class of plant that is known to possess one of the core compounds generally found in Cannabis – Cannabinoid. However, as opposed to other forms of Cannabis, legal highs have been known to contain little to a negligible amount of intoxicating agents, making them safer for consumption. Over the years, a vast number of potential health benefits of legal highs have surfaced. Some of those are backed with conclusive evidence from various medical researches. Others are determined due to the plant’s chemical composition but lack proper medical conclusions due to limited studies.

However, both the proven and the potential benefits of Legal Highs suggest it may be aiding you medically in more ways than you actually think. 

These are some of the crucial and potential benefits of Legal Highs.

  • Reduces chronic pain 

As stated above, one of the primary medical applications of legal highs is their excellent property of aiding in chronic pain relief. In America alone, the total estimated number of adults suffering from chronic pain adds up to a staggering 50 million, which is quite alarming. Luckily, legal highs seem to possess several crucial chemical compositions that work effectively in reducing the magnitude of chronic pain. 

This is probably one of the most accepted and also one of the only claims of Legal highs that are backed by significant medical researches as well. Apart from the plethora of studies conducted by various institutions, the most genuine conclusion comes from The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. 

  • Slows down the cancer cells 

A recent study conducted by the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics strongly pointed towards the fact that cannabinoids (which is present in Legal high) play a crucial role in slowing down the rate at which cancer cells grow in our body. This is achieved through a mechanism in which this specific chemical compound shuts down a cancer gene called Id-1. A study was conducted on breast cancer cells in 2007 by the California Pacific Medical to analyze the effects of cannabidiol on this specific cancer cell. The ultimate result from the study was significantly positive, which resulted in slowing down the growth of cancer cell, and also reduced the Id-1 count as well. 

  • Treats Glaucoma 

One of the earliest known medical applications of Cannabinoid has got to do with its proven effectiveness for treating a specific eye condition called Glaucoma. In fact, this was once the most accepted application of illicit drugs that contained Cannabinoid. Glaucoma is a specific eye condition that occurs due to excessive pressure in the eyeball. If not treated at the right time, this can cause optic nerve damage and can even cause permanent vision loss as well. 

The studies related to cannabinoid effectiveness in treating Glaucoma dates back to 1970s. Legal highs can effectively improve or treat this particular eye condition by reducing the pressure on your eyeball or simply Lowered Intraocular Pressure, aka IOP. 

  • Reduces the extent of tremors experienced due to Parkinson’s disease

Some of the most recent studies on drugs containing THC and CBD show that they greatly help in improving the sleep quality and also decreases the extent of tremors and pain experienced by patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This a solid indication that Legal highs may be effective in treating such medical conditions as it contains the core compounds responsible for producing such astonishing results.  

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