Maggi Noodles vs Patanjali Noodles: The Better One!

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For a lot of us, Maggi is the first product that strikes our mind when we desire to eat or have a conversation about instant noodles. Maggi was recognized as the top brand of instant noodles. From infants to old aged people, almost all the human beings prefer Maggi over others of its kind!


downloadTill 2014, Maggi originated as the best selling instant noodles brand. It had the monopoly of the market! It had the highest marketing and demand all over India. Many competitors of Maggi like Wai Wai noodles, Ching’s Secret noodles and Yippee, made several attempts to give a tough competition to Maggi, but humans only preferred Maggi. In spite of bringing relevant changes in the brands, Maggi was at the top. Most of us firmly believe that no other product can substitute the relishing taste of Maggi.

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2015, was the year of dismay and defeat for Maggi. Maggi noodles had an enormous publicity in newspapers, television, online media, etc. It was the major topic of discussion and every news channel highlighted Maggi. But, instead of positive publicity, it received negative criticism. During laboratory tests of the product, a huge amount of lead and high content of monosodium glutamate (MSG)was detected in the samples of Maggi that was extremely contagious for our health.

It leads to the arrests many people involved in its manufacturing and promotion, which also included the arrest of popular celebrities, Amitabh Bachchan, and Madhuri Dixit. After a few days, the manufacturing of Maggi  was totally banned in India.

The disappearance of Maggi disappointed majority of the citizens of India and Indians had an intense yearning for Maggi and its delicious taste. Although Yippee noodles were the only brand that continued its existence in the market, it did not survive for a long period. Seeking advantage of Maggi’s collapse, Patanjali introduced its instant noodles product, Patanjali Atta Noodles, in 2015. It, fortunately, satisfied all the necessities of human taste buds. By and by it began to substitute Maggi and became all time favorite meal of Indians.

maxresdefault (1)By the end of 2015, Nestle re-introduced Maggi with new and healthier feature. It’s re-arrival at the beginning pulled its consumers back towards itself. People were content at the arrival of Maggi once again. But after a month its demand declined. People felt that Maggi lost its original relishing taste as before and thus opened gates for Patanjali’s marketing and success.

As compared to Maggi, Patanjali Atta noodles are healthier and tastier fulfilling all its promises and satisfying the needs of consumers. Today it continue to be recognized as the highest demanded product and has a higher rating than Maggi ever had in its history.

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