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Migrant Workers Carry Their Pets For Hundreds of Kilometers

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Migrant Workers Carry Their Pets For Hundreds of Kilometers 1
Image source- Rajesh Natraj/ Hindustan Times

The COVID-19 pandemic not only let humans die in hunger and poverty. But it also affected domestic animals like dogs, goats, ducks, and many more. They are left out without food and shelter. Due to fear of viruses, numerous people have thrown their pets away to the streets.

There are still many heroes who all didn’t abandon their pets during this lockdown period. The pets are taken care of, and even many came forward to help the hungry animals in the streets with food.

A group of migrant workers was walking down over foot through Nashik Express Way to reach their home place, Mumbai. On the way, they were carrying their beloved pets, a puppy, and a duck.

Even during such a problematic and hectic period, the workers ultimately refused to abandon their pets.

Due to lockdown, all transport system is suspended. There are no available trains, buses, or taxis for traveling. The migrant workers had no choice but to walk on foot to reach their hometown, holding their pets carefully. They are prepared to face any storm on their way.

An animal rescuer from Mumbai, Rajesh Natraj, posts a picture on social media, showing how these families didn’t respond to the ones wishing to foster their pets.

They were not willing to give away the animals no matter what strikes them. They all left their families behind to come here for work, but in return, they receive ill-treatment due to which nobody of them could trust anyone with their animals.

Few other migrants also carried animals like cats and rabbits. All of them turned down to clicking pictures since they felt that someone might take away their beloved pets and kill them in return based on rumors that, Coronavirus spreads through animals.

It’s shameful how the literate and educated ones are abandoning their pets based on such rumors whereas these workers are still holding onto their pets. This indeed is inspiring and a lesson to learn from them.

Since the pandemic, the number of people abandoning their pets increased. Animals rescuers still hope that people should learn from migrant workers and stop throwing away their pets. All of their animal shelters are overly filled. Daily the number of calls is creating a scary situation. Rajesh Natraj’s picture must portray as an eye-opener to them.

We can say those migrant workers are well knowledgable than us.

The image proves the difference between the educated ones and the less knowledgeable migrant workers. Despite rumors, they were firm to not believe in it and go on with their beloved animals, ready to face danger at every situation. We here are easily getting moved with the rumors throwing away our pets.

Once committed, one should always acknowledge it, no matter what. Pets are such commitments. The animal rescuers out there are trying their level best to protect the animals, we indeed should not abandon our pets and instead learn from them and the migrant workers.

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