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The Top Numbers You Should Never Call!

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Are you bored and randomly going through your phone to call someone? You can call customer support or even order for your favorite pizza, but there are a few numbers that you should never call.

No, we aren’t talking about the scammers out there. These numbers are scarier than those scammers.

Many say that these phone numbers are associated with something dark. Something out of the land of black magic.

Here is a list of The Top Numbers You Should Never Call!

Did you know that there is a number associated with death! Yes, you shouldn’t call that number for sure.

Also, a little reminder that some of these phone numbers won’t work for everyone because they are linked to certain countries and only work there. That’s what we heard from scores of callers at least. 

You may also get different responses, depending on the time of the day you call. At the same time, some numbers might even weirdly go into somebody’s voicemail. If you find yourself receiving different responses each time, it’s alright, and it happens with these numbers.

*We didn’t encounter any scammers through these numbers, so at least your money’s safe! A few numbers listed below may even divert to 911 if you are in the U.S.*

If you think you are brave, you can try these out and share your experience with us. However, we do not recommend you make these calls because we cannot vouch for what will happen!

Numbers you should never call
Image Source: Flickr, Ivan Radic

What are the top numbers you should never call?

I think calls are scary already because they bring conversations. Okay, conversations on calls might not be scary for you, but it sure is for someone like me.

Now, here is the thing, if you have decided to go through this thrilling adventure, you need to have the courage to pick up any call or call anyone. If you are scared for your life, don’t do it!

  • 1(207)404-2604

This number was said to be a promotion tactic for the movie “CARRIE.” To entice the audience, the makers came up with a trailer that ended with the slogan “Call Carrie” and the number. When you try calling this number, another number calls you back 3 times in a row with creepy sounds and messages.

The first call will give you goosebumps because you hear horrifying screams as soon as you pick up your phone. In the second call, you hear creepy music and someone singing a song, and the last call will give you important information; however, the words are spoken in a spine-chilling whisper.

If you think you are ready to get three creepy calls in a row that can scare you to death, then go ahead.

This promotion tactic has worked wonders for the film and is still attracting new audiences every day. Are you feeling adventurous? You could get an iPhone for yourself to be on the safe side – and try to make the calls to see it for yourself! Don’t make the call from your own number. You dont want to be haunted forever, do you?

Don't call this number
Image by Botho, Flickr

  • 4086342806

This number tops the list of numbers you should never call. The number is a part of an urban legend, and rumor is that the number is a “RED ROOM NUMBER” used to track down the physical location of people who make calls or receive calls from this number.

If you are an extremely adventurous and risk-loving person who has things like getting kidnapped on your bucket list, go ahead and call this number. You will be kidnapped, brought to the red room (EXCITING ENOUGH), tortured, killed, or both. The sessions are said to be telecasted live over the web. It’s one of the scariest phone numbers ever!

  • 8287560109

This number is based in MARION, NORTH CAROLINA in McDowell County, about 85 miles west and slightly north of CHARLOTTE. When you call the number, you hear disturbing and blaring noises. You will then hear a man frantically conveying what sounds like a message in binary. When this binary message is converted into text, you get the word “death.”

This sounds extremely spooky because this message of death is not just delivered in a horrid way but also creatively in binary code. You can share your ordeal with your social media friends and tell them to try out the phone number too! Pro tip – This one seems to work only in the United States. Plus, it’s one of the scariest phone numbers to call. You may not want to try it out!

Scariest phone number
Image by Davi Ozolin, Flickr

  • 12163331810

Now, household squabbles are common. Even acclaimed series and dramas like the David Neal directs Noel Coward series, a drama set in the 1940s during World War 2, talked about how tough domestic troubles can be. 

However, this one is different. Mothers and daughters fight in every household, and that is normal. But when you call this number, you hear a conversation between a mother and a daughter, who are arguing, which is still fine.

A serious discussion between them is what it begins with… from what you hear. The people on the other end of the call are in dire situations. Then, you hear the daughter’s desperate plea. Finally, the daughter is locked in the storage closet, and the caller realizes that she is doomed to die during or after the conversation.

You can even hear the sounds of bullets and screams and screeching in the background. The interesting fact is that this number was supposed to be an act of promotion for a rock band.

The promotion tactics worked out well, but the relevance of a conversation of a mother and daughter fighting, which eventually leads to the daughter’s death, wasn’t very appealing to the callers.

Never call this number
Image Source: Flickr, Sonicgregu

  • 801 820 0263

People tried calling this number and found it to be a petrifying one. You can hear so many things simultaneously when you call this number. You can hear a man counting from 1-3 and 7, and these numbers are repeated over and over again, followed by the sound of a man calling out your name. The horrid voice goes on to describe what you are doing and where you at the moment. It will creep you out.

Don't ever call this number
Image Source: Flickr, isabelle

  • 20202020

Go to a payphone in the United Kingdom and try this number. Legend has it that a female with an unmodulated voice answers the call and repeats, “Help Me! Help Me!! Suzie’s dying” or “Help Me!! Help Me!! Suzie’s drowning”. There have been no reports of a real Suzie, but it can surely make you feel spooky. Did you try it out? Let us know in the comment section!

Help, help!
Image by emily mucha, Flickr

  • 666

666 is the number of the devil himself. Many have tried this at home, and everyone has different experiences to tell.

These experiences are said to vary upon your state of mind during the call and your belief in ghosts or other supernatural happenings.

If you are a weak person, you might be scared to death when you call this mysterious number. Prepare yourself for the after-effects of calling the number, and anything can happen! Some people had reported that nothing happened when they called the number, some report that they heard eerie music, and many have heard satanic noises.

  • 10000000000

Believed to be a cursed number in Asia, callers have heard a male voice threatening them to tell 15 others about the number. It is believed that this number belongs to the dead, and if you receive a call from it, it means your deceased loved one is trying to reach you. The man on the other side of the call says that you could die within a week if you don’t agree with him.

It is interesting to know that even dead people have a phone number. But reaching a deceased person by calling this number is not an idea I would recommend.

  • 0888888888

It is believed to be a cursed number in Bulgaria. It’s said that the mobile number’s owner died a horrible death. The first man, VLADIMIRIMIR GRAHNOV, who owned the number, died of an aggressive form of cancer. The second man to die was the next CEO – KONSTANTIN DIMITROV. The third one was KONSTANTIN DISHLIEV. They were both mercilessly shot dead on the street. After these incidents, the phone number was blocked by the company. Don’t believe us? Check this article from Daily Mail.

  • 09044444444

This number is known as SADAKO’S NUMBER in JAPAN. This was the name of the ghost from ‘The Ring’ movie. It is said that the number was used to promote the movie. When you dial the number, you can hear strange creepy noises, and it is rumored that you are bound to die within a week. For example, the number 4 (shi) sounds like the word death(shi).

Haunted phone numbers
Image Source: Flickr, Susan Dussaman

  • 9999999

A group of people in Thailand have reasons to believe that this number is cursed. When you call, you are asked to make a wish. Of course, the wish will be granted, but you’ll die afterward in an accident within a week. It’s surely a number you should never call.

  • 6666666666 / 16666666666

The number of the devil. This number does not show up on the phone bills. When you ring this number, a hollow voice and a lot of static in the background are heard. The surprising part is the fact that there was no sign of the call on the bill.

Haunted Calls Facts
Icy Media


Other Numbers You Should Never Call

Ye, we have a few more numbers for you. Let us know if you agree with them!


Have you ever been truly happy to talk to your relatives?. Ohh, come on, don’t lie. I know the face people make when their mothers forcefully hand over the phone to them to talk to a distant relative. Your relatives are truly your relatives if they call you for ….. No, no, no, not for your birthday, they have the liberty to forget that, but their instincts are so good that they will surely call every time something bad happens to you. Yes. The results. So that’s the scariest part, I guess…and thats why you should never dial-up their numbers.

Numbers you should never call
Image by Bruce Durling, Flickr


OKAY, all of us have tried this but failed miserably. I tried to call and then cut the call without saying a word. Hush… Guess what, it isn’t so frightful for us, but it might be scary for them. Imagine seeing our name along with our profile photo on Truecaller. If you really want to make them feel special, you could gift them an expensive 14K Yellow Gold Solid Miami Cuban Curb Link Heavy-Duty Necklace Chains. That should do the trick.


If you’re planning to console them, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’ll need someone to take care of you soon. That’s the intensity of the power they hold. They’ll go on and on about how they miss their ex (who eloped with his best friend) and bore you for almost every second of your call, and you’ll regret calling them. That regret is quite scary.

On a side note, the one number you should never forget to call? Your girlfriend!

Which other phone numbers do you think we should never call? Let us know.

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  2. this is a great website, i called everyone but only two worked. they might be true because exactly what this website told me is exactly what happened.

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  4. honestly some had some creepy back round noises but nothing happend i did it for my youytub but the only number that was soooo scary i all moste died was the 666 cuz it cept calling me back and the 9999999999 one cuz i got a text from it saying is i dont call back i will die but i did not so i gess im gonna die

  5. I hella freaking out! I called the 801 # and I dont think it worked I heard a chainsaw at the end but all the guy said was 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 7 7 7 7 and nuthing else.

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  7. I called 12163331810 but in my phone I showed that the number is invalid….so,I think it’s fake

  8. 801 820 0263 for this number who heard their name and if you did what time did you hear your name

  9. The red room works and the 137 but I just finished calling all of them but freaking out. What happens in the next 24 hours kinda freaked about the red room one?

  10. okay so i was just proving a point to my brother but no i did not call any of these numbers because yea i’m not trying to get haunted or anything when i was reading these i got goosebumps and i had chills going down my back and yea please for your safety don’t try this at home or anywhere it not safe you might try the first time it might work the second time just be like me who didn’t try to call these scary numbers and i hope that u have god in your self .

  11. Like duh ofc we HV god in our lives but I Dont get what’s so scary about dying guys come on grow up!!! I mean I respect spirits coz me and my aunt were huanted for like 5 years I tried bloody Mary and when I left the bathroom I got slapped by an unknown force and collapsed so its kinda hard to be scared after that

  12. 12163331810 I tried calling all the no.s but this no. Cannot get incoming calls as it is not recharged. So if there are people doing social service please help this poor ghost by reacharging🙏🙏😖

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  15. I tried the number 20202020 but at first nothing happened but the third time when I called this number again then same reply camed that “HELP ME ‘ “HELP ME ‘ SUZIE IS DYING “SUZIE IS DROWING ‘ up to half an hour then a satanic music started and I immediately blocked the number

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