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Money: Our Friend and Foe

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Just for a while, shut your eyes and imagine your room to be filled with immense wealth, the wooden works to be converted to gold and silver, your floor to be designed with diamond tiles. I’m sure, the thought that is far beyond our imagination, gave us a million dollar content and brought a wide smirk on our faces. So just imagine that when a single thought of wealth can become a cause of your smile, then what will happen if one day you wake up to find that it is not a dream but reality? It will let your entire body shiver with alarm and surprise and will arise dignity of the thought of possession of million dollars of wealth.

Who on this earth, will not desire to be the owner of unlimited currency of money, that will last forever and ever. Money can buy you your first home, that poster car and pretty much everything you can dream of.¬†More than our lives we pray for the long age of our wealth’s lives. The luxuries that wealth can buy us gives us so much pleasure that we regard the notes as our best friends.

At times we even substitute wealth with our dear ones, who supported us during our hardships. The existence of wealth in our lives is essential for us. It buys us our daily requirements like meals, apparels, shelter, land, etc. Wealth plays a major role in our career. It provides us admissions in the best colleges. In short, wealth is relevant in our lives.

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The respect and love for wealth are entirely different from the feeling of greed. When we substitute wealth with human beings, it’s our greed. This nature accelerates our greediness, hence, leading to the breaking of strong bonds and relationships. Wealth does buy us happiness, but that happiness is so artificial and incomplete in the absence of our dear ones. Money makes us over demanding and aggressive. It also converts a humble and decent person into a possessive and boastful person. It makes us a couch potato.

Therefore, never let money and finances control your life or else it will disrupt all your strong bonds hence leading to lifetime guilt and loneliness.

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