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Movie Review: Black Mass

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All our wars were happy, and all our songs were sad. “That Irish saying is appropriate for the rise and fall of an FBI agent and south of native Boston John Connolly. As shown in the real melancholy drama Black Mass, Connolly found with joy during its war against the Mafia in Boston, but ultimately their he ends a very sad song.

And this is Connolly (Joel Edgerton, wearing an impeccable Boston accent) history more than the highest profile in turn by Johnny Depp as agent and informant precious childhood hero, gangster James Bulger. James certainly has a lot of screen time, but Connolly’s fate is tragic as their arrogance and the twisted cult of tough-guy heroes Bulger him blind to the painful truth. By the time Connolly realizes tail is wagging the dog, it’s too deep and too damaged to unravel the fate of Bulger.

Back home in Boston with an edict to eliminate the Cosa Nostra, Connolly hatches a plan that initially made him a rock star among the G-Men before ultimately causing her to fall. Connolly forging an alliance with Whitey Bulger, the leader of the Southie (predominantly Irish) snowshoes, to help you make the Italian mafia. Whitey final agreement requires you to feed intel Connolly on his enemies in exchange for federal protection.


Some of the cast members do better than others, with brief but colorful Sarsgaard and prominent role in the movie trailers. And while Johnson and Nicholson have papers conventional bride and wife, respectively, their scenes do not attempt to show the side underworld of their respective lovers. Nicholson, in particular, put a couple of memorable moments, including a scary encounter with Whitey. Cochrane minimizes Flemmi well while avoiding Plemons wisely echoing its “Meth Damon” Breaking Bad. but for the most part not ashamed themselves in the Costner thirteen days. And given the brevity of his screen time, which is a bit surprising to see the temple in an area that could have benefited a local actress.

Overall, the Black Mass gets more right than it does wrong in the long and complex saga Bulger by the FBI to the screen. History compressed timelines, has some events occur later or earlier than it actually did, and employs only one or two composite characters, but generally streamlined the story of the crime to death as much as probably you might expect a two-hour movie. Some sequences and characters seen in the trailers have declined since the end of the film, most notably all forced busing scenes showing racially charged over Billy. All are cut Sienna Miller and longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig Whitey, who was arrested with him in 2011; FBI agent James Russo arrest; Jeremy Strong as apartment manager Whitey in Santa Monica who helped him set for the detention; and Berglind Jonsdottir as Bulger and Greig former neighbor in Santa Monica which led to the arrest of fugitive gangster after 16 years on the lam tip. That means that with the exception of the last shots of the film, all the scenes of Santa Monica have been cut.

Verdict: ★★★★

For those familiar with the saga of Whitey Bulger-FBI, Mass Black will not reveal anything not already know, but who are not expected to leave the cinema to realize that the monsters can be created, captures, and set loose by federal agendas, institutionalized apathy, tribal loyalty and fraternal bonds. And these same, vicious greedy monsters can also love their brothers, sons and heritage as much as you do.

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