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Hollywood Travel Goals

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Movies inspire us, in ways more than one. Some inspire us to move on from the person who doesn’t care about us, some inspire us to stop whining about our miseries and start working, and some inspire us to pack our bags, take a flight and just give in to the wanderlust.

Let’s talk about the last, the inspiration to travel. Be it the beautiful scenes of the Lord of the Rings shot in New Zealand or watching gloomy Jason Segel with exotic City of Honolulu in the background, it’s mostly the scenery that makes us go wow.

So here are 4 movies which gave us some very serious travel goals:

To Catch A Thief- French Rivera

Hollywood Travel Goals 2to-catch-a-thief-1955-001-grace-kelly-cary-grant-grande-corniche-1000x750There aren’t many films to have flaunted the cities and villages jumbled on the shoreline of Monaco and France like this one. Cary Grant is at our service as a tour escort, playing the role of a resigned thief stressing to get hold of an impersonator so that he can get his name cleared.

Under the Tuscan Sun- Tuscany, Italy


landscape-1455797784-under-the-tuscan-sun-di-01If you are a romantic, this is the travel movie for you. Diane Lane will win your heart in the movie. The movie displays that moving to a different country, leaving your life behind, will eventually repair everything (not sure if that works but I would definitely love to buy a bungalow in Tuscany).


Before Sunrise- Vienna


tumblr_n2871wlT5g1r1jmv0o1_1280An American Man comes across a beautiful French woman on a train and convinces her to get off the train with him in Vienna. They had nowhere to go, leaving them to stroll around the city through the night till dawn, literally showing us most of the landmarks, for instance, Wiener Riesedrad, Maria am Gestade, Zollamtssteg bridge, and the Donaukanal. The movie also showcases Café Sperl, one of the most famous eateries in Vienna.

The Godfather- Sicily


to-catch-a-thief-1955-001-grace-kelly-cary-grant-grande-corniche-1000x750Francis Ford Coppola was on a vacation in Sicily when he visited a tiny church in a hushed and collapsed village close to Taormina. He then and there decided that he will come back to the village to shoot and the minute villages of Savoca and Forza D’agro grew into the history of Hollywood. This sure is a vacation we can’t refuse.


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