Moving towards Start-ups and Entrepreneurship


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Start-ups and Entrepreneurship – is the new ‘trend’. But why? Why youngsters these days are looking forward to them? What is wrong with having a regular job like everybody else has; sitting in a cubicle box, working hours and getting paid to do the work of someone else who is probably, of course, earning more than you. Isn’t this regular ‘thingy’ interesting?

Well, it’s time to take risks. It’s time to take a different path to success. It’s time to build yourself, from scratch. But before that, are Start-up Founders and Entrepreneurs the same?

Startup Founder and an entrepreneur is different. Let me make this clear.

A startup is a fledgling business enterprise. A startup founder has found a company to start up with. They have their own company that will require time to reach out, to become successful. The company produces a software, product or any kind of service that brings a change in the world.

Moving towards Start-ups and Entrepreneurship 1

An entrepreneur on other hand, is an individual who is looking around for business opportunities. They are willing to take risk loss in order to make money. Responsibilities like running the companies, is not their cup of tea. Entrepreneurs try hard to create a viable business, not one that has a vague hope of succeeding.

Be it a startup founder or an entrepreneur, both of them need to have strong personal drive to become successful. Choosing this path would require dedication, a lot of hard-work, and discipline, without which you can find yourself struggling to succeed. Utilizing social media can be of great profit. It takes a lot to make something known, make it famous, starting from a scratch.

Startup or Entrepreneurship – Which one is better than other? By now you might know who are start-up founders and who are entrepreneurs, and what they do. This will let you know what they are vulnerable to. We have pros and cons for both the fields.

A start-up founder, depends solely on business; his company. He doesn’t deal with financial part, but what he does, defines his company. A startup founder takes a risk, because if the business fails or goes to loss, he can lose everything that he has been doing until now. Some startups will run for several years before they start to create an identity and make money.

Moving towards Start-ups and Entrepreneurship 2

An entrepreneur has to do with finance. He is vulnerable if he finds himself out of money, when the sales are not coming. Then he wouldn’t have any finance to survive. Firstly they need to have some resource backed up, so that they don’t go in loss. To keep their company working, they will have to work extra hours.

Moving towards Start-ups and Entrepreneurship 3

Jotting down the criteria which will decide which one are you – a start-up founder or a entrepreneur,

  1. Financial situation
  2. Personal drive
  3. Motivation


I have been surfing about start – ups and Entrepreneurship, here are few websites I would like to share that might interest the young minds to choose which way to go.


Take risk and succeed.

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