I Want to Become Successful in Life: 11 Cool Tips

I Want to Become Successful in Life: 11 Cool Tips 1
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Have you ever told yourself, “I want to become successful in life, and I will do that no matter what”? How many of you are confident of yourselves and know precisely where you want to see yourself in the next few years?

Success may have different meanings for different people. For some, it means power, for some wealth, and some, being contented in whatever they do. All these definitions are valid, as success is about achieving whatever you want. However, success is certainly not something that comes easily.

Many of us have dreams that may be big or small. We all look forward to achieving them. However, lack of proper planning, dedication, and many other factors create significant roadblocks for us on the way to achieving our goal.

Let us see a few ways that can help us take the proper steps to achieve our dreams.

I Want to Become Successful in Life: 11 Tips to Achieve Anything

1. Have the Courage to Chase Your Dreams

I want to become successful in life

To achieve anything in life or to win over something, developing the quality of courage is essential. Before you take any action in any field, you need to have the courage to face any problems that can come your way.

In any field, it is always the courageous people who realize their dreams. They are the go-getters and set an example for others to follow. We may know in our minds that we have great potential, but unless we gather the courage to bring out our full potential and work on it, the potential will remain unfulfilled.

Courage should not be confused with heroic actions in dangerous times. It is the persistent and continuous effort to do what you feel is the right thing. Personal development can go a long way to bolster your courage.

2. Use Your Wisdom


How do we become wise? Do we grow careful with age? Should we wait till we grow old to become wise?

The concept of wisdom can be vague, as it is hard to define it and even harder to find it. Since wisdom is such a nebulous concept, it has lost its real meaning in modern society.

Wisdom should never be confused with knowledge, as it is done by many people nowadays. Knowledge is undoubtedly precious, but it can be used in both constructive and destructive ways. Wisdom is using your knowledge at the right time and directing it towards a good idea to move closer to your goals.

When we allow wisdom to function in our lives, it enables us to analyze any situation from a different perspective and assess it from a broader point of view.

3. Do Not Seek Results

I want to become successful in life

When we work towards our dreams, we often get lost in expecting the best results. This will ultimately result in you losing interest in work and not feeling motivated to keep trying.

However, if you instead focus on exploring new things, learning, and being a part of new experiences and experimenting, your motivation will automatically be fueled. You should always look for your weak points and think of ways to improve them.

So the key is not to focus on the destination, but on the journey instead.

4. Get Rid of All Negative Thoughts


Our thoughts influence our feelings, and our feelings determine the way we view our work to a great extent. We tend to have several thoughts in our heads at each moment of life. It is then our choice to either go with the negative thoughts or with the positive ones, which are very few.

Negative thoughts will always affect your emotional intelligence and make you feel weak, whereas the positive ones will help you look forward to things, no matter how difficult they seem to be. It is the negative thoughts that make you doubt your capabilities.

So, it is imperative to get rid of such thoughts and have full faith in yourself. The power lies within you.

5. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

I want to become successful in life

You have to stop being so kind to yourself. The sooner you understand it, the better it will be. It is only your actions that fetch you the desired results. But sometimes, your actions fail to bring good results, and you move back to your comfort zone and refrain from putting yourself in stressful situations again.

You then wait for the right opportunity, the perfect time, and in the process, sometimes you wait for so long that it leads to depression. You need to get out and challenge yourself harder if you fall back and emerge out victorious. Do something you have always wanted to do, even if the thought of failure scares you. At least you would not regret it if you give it a shot.

Here’s how you can come out of your comfort zone:

  • Never self-doubt.
  • Chase your dreams till you achieve them.
  • Push through any discomfort that you encounter.
  • Do not give up, even if you lose a hundred times.

This is an important key to success.

6. Stay Away From Distractions


Distractions and meaningless things will always be a hindrance on your way, especially the easy and usual things you can do instead of investing time and efforts on new challenges and things that are difficult to accomplish.

You should learn to focus on your priorities and avoid indulging in unnecessary things that just take up your time without giving you any fruitful results. Jot down a list of things that waste your time and hold yourself accountable to stay away from them.

7. Do Not Rely on Others for Your Happiness

It is you and only you who is responsible for your happiness. You should not have expectations from anybody or depend on anyone to do something for you, whether it be your friend, your partner, or a family member.

Everybody is busy with their work, and they have their own goals to achieve. No one is going to achieve your goals for you or make you happy. You have to stand up for yourself and be independent.

8. Plan Your Days Well in Advance



You should plan each day well in advance. You do not have to plan for an entire week. Make small but achievable goals. Taking small steps at a time prepares you for more significant purposes. What, how, and when is very important to schedule.

Set goals that can be met daily, weekly and monthly basis. These short term goals will lead you to your bigger goal in life. Step by step planning is crucial to keep you away from distractions.

When you plan your schedule for the day, it gets easier to review your tasks so you can self-reflect. You can then strive to improve your weaknesses if any.

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9. Protect Yourself From Exhaustion

When you are very motivated, it is easy to burn out. Observe yourself for any signs of exhaustion and take some rest in between when you have a very hectic schedule. Set a time separately for recreational activities. They will surely help you rejuvenate.

You can also try doing diverse tasks, keep switching between logical and creative work, something still and physical, or sometimes work alone and at other times in a team. Meditation, taking deep breaths, closing your eyes, and focusing on one thing for a few minutes will also help you get relaxed quickly.

10. Do What You Love

Do what you love

Let us say that you are great at your work and have now become successful. That means you will have to give much more time to work than you earlier used to. However, if it is a job you do not like, you will have to provide something most of your time when you do not want to.

Instead, why not find something you are passionate about and working for it? When you discover something you like, you automatically get the motivation that keeps you going. This fulfillment of your dreams is the best kind of success.

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11. Learn From Your Mistakes


“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” The more you get out of your comfort zone to try out new things and accept challenges, the more certain it is for you to make mistakes.

However, if you want to become successful, you cannot let these setbacks stop you or break you down. Rather than viewing a mistake as a defeat, you should take it as an opportunity to shine brighter and become a much better version of yourself.

Failures can be the most prominent teachers, of whom you accept them with an open heart. Making mistakes is normal. What is essential is the fact that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the future. It will make you stronger, which in turn will help you become successful even faster.

After all, what may seem like a failure at present could be helping you learn a valuable lesson that will help you avoid much bigger failures in the future.


The 11 ways mentioned above help gain success in any field. Tell yourself each day, “I want to become successful in life, and I will bring out the best in me come what may.”

In the end, success is all yours if you strive hard every day, even if a little and do not give up on yourself. On the other hand, also do not be too harsh on yourself. Maintaining the perfect balance between discipline and relaxation is very necessary.

What ways, according to you, can help a person achieve success at a fast rate? Let us know in the comments section below!

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