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5 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

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The entertainment industry is a facade of glitz and glamour that hides a dark interior. Many celebrities have achieved the pinnacle of fame but have passed away in mysterious ways – suicide, murder, assassinations, Hollywood abounds in them all. While it is not common to see celebrities overdosing on drugs, there are cases in which the information provided has caused conspiracy theorists to disagree. Today we will look at 5 mysterious celebrity deaths:

1. Marilyn Monroe

When newspapers printed the starlet’s sudden death on 5th August 1962, the world went into a frenzy. After all, until Marilyn came along, the world had not seen a more controversial and sultry damsel with a rags-to-riches fairy story to match. The tabloids ruled it as an accidental overdose of sleeping pills which led her into a coma from which she never woke up.

Marilyn Monroe

However, people close to her came up to say that Marilyn took those pills regularly and knew what quantities were necessary. It was hard to believe that she would “accidentally” overdose on them. Conspiracies began to arise, the most prominent one being a murder orchestrated by John F. Kennedy with whom Ms. Monroe was allegedly having an affair.

Also, three months prior, during a stage performance on Kennedy’s birthday, she had been referred to by the anchor as the “Late Marilyn Monroe,” though this could have been a jab at her habit of always arriving late for an event. It was her last public performance.

2. Tupac Shakur


Probably the most mysterious of them all, for how such a high-profile case can remain unsolved to date? Hailed as the best rapper of all time, on September 13, 1996, Shakur was shot down by a gunman in a case of a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. The killer or the man who had ordered the killing was never caught.

Whispers of the Illuminati shrouded Tupac’s death. People and the media believed that he wanted to break free from their shackles. To this extent, his last album was titled “Killuminati.” He was only 25.

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
By Vicki L. Miller/ Shutterstock


In 2009, the King of Pop bade us an eternal goodbye. It was found out that he had died after being administered a cocktail of certain medications. We also know that he had constantly been abusing his medications for quite a long time.

However, Jackson’s family came forward with several claims that he didn’t use those particular medications and that his health had never been deteriorating as the police had claimed in their reports. While these claims were never given ground, conspiracy theorists soon started claiming that the suicide or overdose was faked.

4. Harry Houdini


One of the most celebrated magicians and daredevil artists of all time, Harry Houdini was the first of his kind. His escapades and Chinese water torture cell – the pinnacle of his career – had floored generations, but it was only natural that his death is a mystery as well.  It is uncertain as to how Harry Houdini died.

We know that he suffered from acute appendicitis. His demise may have either be caused by peritonitis from a ruptured appendix at the age of 52, though no one knows what exactly set it off.

5. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
By Dan Kosmayer/ Shutterstock


Probably the most confusing deaths of all! If Elvis’s personal life had not been enough fodder for tabloids looking for a scandal, his death certainly gave them a lot. In 1977, his lifeless body was found on the floor of his bathroom.

Interestingly, there have been several sightings of Elvis even after his death by many people, which led theorists to wonder if the singer had, in fact, faked his death. Several suggestions arose, such as drug overdose, heart attack, or an allergic reaction to some medication. Two tabloids even continued to publish what they called his continued life. It is claimed that he “actually” died somewhere in the mid-90s at the age of around 60.

These are only a handful of the many mysterious deaths that govern the industry.

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