Real Life Is Unpredictable And You Need To Live It Awesome


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Life is to be lived with no regrets!

If I ask a group of people, What is Life? Everybody will have their own definition owing to their perceptions. Life for a soldier may be to protect his land while for a doctor it can be to save the life of his/her patients.

Even you and I have different opinions on the given question. But do you think you have lived your life fully? Do you know what will happen to us in next few seconds?

No, even a person with highest qualifications cannot answer this question. A person making coffee for himself/herself doesn’t know whether he/she would be able to drink it or not.

Isn’t it unpredictability? This is what we call unpredictability and life is extremely unpredictable. Whatever you have initiated, you don’t know whether you would be able to complete it or not.

But we don’t understand and keep things pending, often taking them for granted. A man saving money throughout his life; killing all his wishes and joys; so that he does not become vulnerable when he gets retired is the most common experience one has seen or heard of. Even your parents or grandparents thought of such things.

Don’t they? A student not doing his homework on time, residing on the hope to do it in future is also a part of this. Ultimately, all of us do such things whether young or old. We strangle our wishes due to fear of failure or take them for granted.

These unfulfilled wishes remain inside ourselves which may or may not show up immediately, but will later turn into regrets. Believe me, regrets works like salt on your wounds and this is the time when one sees himself as highly vulnerable and no one can help you this time whether you cry or shout.

Do those things you want to do in your life and see the aroma of happiness and positivity you will feel about yourself. Don’t think of result; go for what your Heart and Soul says. Even if you don’t succeed in that, you should not be sad because the results would be better than leaving it for the fear of failure.

Moreover, it builds self-confidence that at least you have tried it rather than avoiding it and the most important factor; you will not regret later for not doing it at that time when you have the resources and the opportunity. Because time is never constant, it keeps changing. You may or may not have resources and opportunity all the time.

So, be optimistic and grab the opportunities in time, because time will not wait for you. You should be smart enough to cope up with time.

As humans, we have the biggest strength of thinking but don’t use it to kill your wishes. So, live your life fully which is only possible when you live in the present. The Present is a  gift by God probably that’s why it is named as ‘present’. 

Neither remember your past nor worry about future since the present is the reality and future is imaginary. So, don’t waste time and live your life fully forgetting all the fears and failures. And who knows, you may succeed in that because as I said, “Life is Unpredictable”.


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