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Natural Bridge State Park VA

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Natural Bridge State Park VA was once a private property of Thomas Jefferson. This state park was also mentioned in the National directory of Historically important places. The primary attraction of the Natural Bridge State Park VA is the natural bridge which is 215 foot tall and actually is a gorge made of sedimentary rocks or limestone. It is carved out from a Cedarwood Creek.  

The Natural Bridge State Park VA in the present time is a lot more than merely the famous bridge. It substitutes amazing jungles, open atmosphere, fields that display the karst topography of this region and pleasing views of circumambient the James River valley & mountains and hills which showcases the sights of splendid nature.

You can experience all of these by through the six-mile-long hiking trail which includes the Cedar Creek Trail which opens on to the Indian Village of Monaco and Lace Falls with its 30-foot spurt from the bridge.

Different programs related to local history are often organized here. These programs will let you know the interesting part of this area and how people used to live with the local resources. You may visit the visitor centre, where you can find gift shops and exhibitions.


Background of Natural Bridge State Park VA:

An old photograph of the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge was considered sacred among the tribes of Native American Monaco. They believed that the natural bridge was a place of a huge victory on the triumph, begetting the Powhatans. This was around several centuries before the Europeans kept their feet in Virginia.

It is also said that George Washington had visited the Natural bridge in the year 1750 as a surveyor. You can see the initials “G.W.” carved on the wall of the bridge 23 feet high or seven meters upwards. Local travel guides say that it was carved by George Washington himself when he was surveying there.

Some claim that George Washington had thrown a rock over the bridge from the bottom of Cedar Creek. A big stone was found in the year 1927 which had “G.W.” engraved on it with a cross of the surveyor, which worked as a proof to the local stories to the historians.

Natural Bridge was one of the most attractive tourist destinations for the modern world which Europeans gave a visit to in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 2013, around 1500 acres of land which included the famous natural bridge was decided to be auctioned. To prevent this auction, VCLF (Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund) procured the bridge, hotel and surrounding area for $9.1 million, which couldn’t happen without the help of a loan from the Virginia Clean Water Resolving Loan Fund.

But VCLF later found itself not capable of returning the debts. Seeing the situation, the Commonwealth of Virginia gave hands and saved the estate as what we commonly know today as, “Virginia State Park.”


How to Reach the Natural Bridge State Park VA:

The Natural Bridge State Park VA was established on November 18, 1997. The government of Virginia manages it.

The Natural Bridge State Park VA is a marvellous geological formation in Rockbridge County (yes it has derived the name from the natural bridge!) in Virginia.

Of course, the main attraction is the 215-foot-tall bridge which actually is an arch of 90 feet. Located in a limestone gorge, it is encircled by the mountains via Cedar Creek.


Address for the natural bridge is as followed:

6477 S Lee Hwy, Natural Bridge, VA 24578.

You can inquire on their phone number, which is:

+1 540-291-2420.

If you don’t find yourself comfortable talking over calls, don’t worry;

You can contact them from their website given below:


Near most city from the Natural Bridge state park is Natural Bridge, Virginia.

You can choose public transport or your personal vehicle, rentals, or tour buses to reach here, although the car would be a better choice.

The timings of Natural Bridge State Park VA are 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, and it is open for an hour extra on weekends (till 6 pm.) although timings can vary.


10 Places to Visit Near the Natural Bridge State Park VA:

 1.  Natural Bridge State Park, VA

Natural Bridge State Park, VA

Natural Bridge State Park VA is the freshest state park of Virginia. It is also one of the bygone tourist places in the U.S. The Natural Bridge State Park VA is situated in the coterie of Rockbridge County.

 This natural bridge was one among the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” in the 19th and at the beginning of 20th centuries. The state park has also been nominated as a national historic indicator or landmark; it’s a historic landmark of Virginia. It has got a mention in the national listing of historic places.

The entry fees are as less as $8 for adults and $6 for children between the age of 6 to 12. Kids who are below five are free to entry. The gates of state park stay open from 8 am till the sunset.


2. Virginia Safari Park

Virginia Safari Park

Virginia Safari Park is the only zoo where you can drive-thru your own vehicles throughout the park which is spread across 180 acres of land. You can also choose to get on the tractor-wagon for even more fascinating experience.

You can feel too close to the animals roaming freely in the safari park. The hutch, petting area, giraffe-feeding station, kangaroo walk-about are must visit if you go to Virginia Safari Park.


3. Natural Bridge Zoo

Natural Bridge Zoo 

The Natural Bridge Zoo is a privately owned zoo which offers you a petting zoo and tours experiencing from nearly. You can enjoy various activities such as feeding a lemur, going close to the big cats, stopover the new baby animals and many such.


4. Dinosaur Kingdom II

Dinosaur Kingdom II

The Dinosaur Kingdom is an amazing experience for the kids and everyone.  You can witness the woody, crazy and wild adventure here. According to the Washington Post, this park is Amazing, Brilliant and Hilarious.

The timings of this park are 10 am to 6 pm.


5. The Caves at Natural Bridge State Park VA

Natural Bridge State Park Caverns

The caves at the natural bridge were founded when it became open for public in the twentieth century (1977). These caves are open for visitors according to the seasons from March to November. The caves are as deep as 34 storied building underground.

In these huge caves, you can experience something out of the world kind of marvel with the significant features of the giant caves; such as massive ruined chambers. These chambers are gigantic with the dome-shaped component was made naturally over the period of thousands of years.

You can also see here the Well Room, Mirror Lake, the stalactites or the dripping stones and the stalagmites which have got created by the dripping calcareous water in the Canyon Room.  


6. Twin River Outfitters

A boy kayaking in the river with his dog

The gentle waves and gushing sound of the waters are truly therapeutic. And the Twin River Outfitters is a good choice for your relaxation therapy. You can get a kayak, canoe, or tubes on rent for lingering fishing, swimming or a paddling trip.

They also offer guided trips and moonlight paddles, isn’t it amazing?


7. Drama of Creation

Drama of Creation, the light and sound show of Natural Bridge State Park, VA

The drama of Creation is a light and music show in the state park. It is programmed on the two bridges, one in the daytime and the other at night. The verisimilitude combo of colour and lighting efficacy paired with splendid and high-quality music makes up really an amazing presentation of art which is known as Drama of Creation.

In the night show, sides of the mountains create a boundary to the huge nature’s stage. The lights move and dance with the music, and this scene doesn’t fail to make you wonder at all!

Charges to attend this Drama of Creation are just $3 per head, and children below five have free entry.


8. Great Valley Farm Winery and Brewery

Great Valley Farm Brewery

Great Farm is the newest brewery of Rockbridge County and is a part of the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail. It is situated in the 27 acres of beautiful surroundings with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background.

The Great Farm brewery makes fresh craft-beer in small batches. You can visit it Wednesday to Sunday.


9. Halcyon Days Cider Company

Halcyon Days Cider Company

Halcyon Days Cider Co. is actually a small farm and cidery managed and owned privately by a family. They create ciders in small batches, all fresh with the combined method of traditional authentic purity and modern technology.

Their goal is to go back or take you back to the easier times; all filled with serendipity. Halcyon Days Cider Company is open throughout the week so you can visit it anytime you want.


10. Virginia Gold Orchard

Virginia Gold Orchard Asian Pears

Virginia Gold Orchard is a farm owned by a family which grow delicious Asian pears.

Virginia Gold Orchard was founded in the year 1990 by Youngsuk Estabrook and Paul. The Virginia Gold Orchard in the present time inhabits around two thousand pear trees. In autumn, they manage to grow more than sixteen types of Asian pears, which ripe on a different period of the year. And they manage to harvest it every year!


Natural Bridge State Park VA is a place you should consider adding in your bucket list. It is abundant in natural phenomena be it natural caves which are not just beautiful but giant in size as well, a huge bridge which is intact since centuries, the Cedar Creek trail, zoos and wildlife, and some other humanmade attractions such as shops, breweries, parks and more.

So pack your bags, book a flight and start your journey now!

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