Five Old-School Methods of Saving Money

Five Old-School Methods of Saving Money 1

From DIY outfits to collecting coins and saving electricity, our grannies and old wives had quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it came to being frugal. So here are a bunch of steps on mastering the art of saving cash…the good way.


Five Old-School Methods of Saving Money 2


  1. Host house parties and save some cash!

House parties are a fashion these days. Earlier, how fancy the venue of the party is, is what mattered the most. But now the house parties are more preferred and loved. House parties are more fun and save a lot of money.

Earlier when our mothers used to organize our birthdays at home with streamers and homemade food, there was no concept of celebrating in the clubs. This saved us the cost of food, decorating, the venue and a lot more.

So we should learn from our mothers and adopt this system which is both economical and fun.




  1. Collect all the coins and loose change.

Do you remember when we were kids and used to save money in the piggy bank? Well we can bring this habit of ours back again, by saving loose money, in the form of coins.

The moment you get such small money, it should be saved. It is fun and also it keeps one motivated. Get yourself a piggy bank and drop in all the forms of money that may seem insignificant to you, but later you’ll find out how big it turns out to be!

If we save every Rs. 50 we get, we can save between Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- every month! 





  1. By sticking to a budget, save up to Rs.4000/-

It is very important that from a very early age we understand the importance of saving money. This is one of the most basic characteristics of successful people. They understand the importance of saving money and maintaining their account.

Always make a budget in the beginning of the month, taking into account all the expenditures expected (including things like ration, bills, salaries  etc) and ensure everything is done in that amount!



Five Old-School Methods of Saving Money 3

  1. By switching off appliances, save up to Rs.2000/-

It sounds like a little thing, but it saves so much money on electricity bill by simply switching off the TV, fan and other appliances when not in use. This habit is difficult to cultivate, but can save big bucks!

Now, this method has two benefits. Firstly your electricity bill would be less, and secondly, you will be able to save at least some amount of resources for your kids, i.e the future generation .




  1. By hunting for great deals, save up to Rs.3000/-

In this age of high speed internet, we should definitely use this method . It is very important to research and make a wise decision.

Earlier our parents or grandparents didn’t have such facility and options, but we have this boon so we should use it.

Research well before making any purchase, whether it is a laptop, a dress or monthly ration. Survey the market and compare the prices before choosing the best deal. This ensures that all the options available are well known. 





So go ahead, try these steps and save money .

 Saving money not only helps in more productivity and investment but also it makes you more disciplined and responsible.


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