The Best of New Buffalo Beach

The Best of New Buffalo Beach 1

Find solitude on the shores of Michigan with a trip to New Buffalo Beach. With the awe-inspiring features that the New Buffalo Beach incorporates, indulge in the majestic experience.

Create memories and plan the most awesome getaway with our little help. The New Buffalo Beach opens new chapters and scenery as well. Its peaceful environment remains undisturbed. Welcomes each one with equal dignity.

The unhindered view with some amazing options to explore counts for the best experience ever. Memorial Day and Labor Day are experienced in this part.

Lake Michigan shore also becomes a travel destination. With some sandy beaches and rocks scattered all across, let’s make your New Buffalo Beach trip a more planned and well-organized one. A blessed city beach is waiting to be traveled.

Best places to visit at New Buffalo Beach

1.Galien River Country Park

Enter this majestically adorable place from the Red Arrow Highway and get lost in its enchanting natural greenery. The place is covered with trees and canopies throughout, with the river flowing just at the park’s center, which is easy to navigate.

Kayaking becomes the best activity to try out at the Galien River Country Park. Probably one of the best things that you can enjoy at New  Buffalo Beach.  The soothing and chilled-out climate of the place would make your stay at the place even longer.

Many viewing points are also made inside the park, which serves as the best spot for getting an ariel view. The flora of the park changes its color with each passing season making the picture get more colorful. Proper bridges and trails are constructed. Some of them are made up of wood, whereas some are made fully cemented.

New  Buffalo Beach

 2.New Buffalo Public Beach

I won’t say that you need to find a suitable activity for yourself to enjoy the New Buffalo Public Beach completely. Rather you can sit across the shore and enjoy the water lapping at your feet.

AS everyone has their own ways of enjoyment, and the New Buffalo Public Beach understands it all. There is no necessity of straining yourself even a bit when all you came for was to relax.

There is a free parking lot that can be accessed at any time. Winters would not be a good time to visit as you might not fully enjoy its adaptable climate.

Loaded with clean shores and serenity worldwide, this one of the New Buffalo Beach also has some vegetation and patches of grasses.

3.Four Winds Casino

It would be awesome if you could find some perfect activities to enjoy during the day and at night. The New Buffalo Beach has sorted it out for you with its stylish Four Winds Casino. The most luxuriously decorated casino is one of the most celebrated places to visit at the New Buffalo Beach.

The place is also visited to enjoy some good dinner and complementary wine. The extra caring staff would reflect the best quality services. Showing the real meaning of hospitality.

Not a corner is spared that remains un-decorated and unappealing in this entire arena. With the best quality flooring and top-class ceiling design, the casino comes close to being the best.

4.Oselka Marina

The place remains flanked with boats and cruises that are waiting to depart and take you along. Delve into the mysteries of water with cheap rentals available. Boats for the purpose of fishing are bought extensively. Cruises and yachts equally contribute to your trip with exceptional captions who take your complete charge of making your sail the most informative and transient one.

The sunset that the Oselka Marina witnesses are pretty awesome, with the sun and the sky reflecting perfectly on the water’s surface.

New  Buffalo Beach

5.Silver Creek Event Center

For some of the most electrifying and soulful performances, visit the Silver Creek Event Centre. The place is always remembered for iconic concerts and performances. Famous singers often showcase their talent via stage performances, which are mesmerizing and truly energetic to make you dance throughout the night.

6.New Buffalo Township Library

Let’s include a little bit of intellect and information to your trip to New Buffalo Township Library, which has abundant books. Some of them are even the rarest editions. Manuscripts and historical books collection are among the most read.

There are unlimited activities lined for kids to participate in. The hosts of all the events that are held are very kind and friendly. There is always someone to help you out. Book suggestions given by them will really make your day.

Places to Stay at New Buffalo Beach

1.Four Winds Casino Resort

Covering a huge plot of land, the Four Winds Casino Resort has laid its foundation great. With massive and regal entrance and valet parking, the resort starts to pamper you from the beginning. You can also opt for a car that would be sent to the airport to pick you up. Raising the bars really very high the casino resort would take all the charge from now on.

Covered with trees and forests on all sides, the place has differentiated buildings with gorgeous suites.  The lower floors are dedicated to the food courts and restaurants. Guests can order food at their place or can take a trip downstairs.

New  Buffalo Beach

2.Fairfield and Suites New Buffalo Beach

The Fairfield and Suites New Buffalo Beach has all the high-quality services. The place is excellent in meeting the needs of the visitors and treats everyone with special care. An attendant would also be appointed to take care of all your needs and be just a call away.

With premium spas, gyms, and restaurant facilities, you would not like to leave your room even once. Making your vacation more luxurious, the Fairfield and Suites New Buffalo has a pool and also offers complimentary breakfast services. These services are as good as any other thing at the place. The food is good and very delicious, offering much variety.

The rooms have TVs, beds, sofas, and a Studying desk as well. The floors are properly covered with carpets for a premium finish.

3.Hampton Inn La Porte

The Hampton Inn La Porte is a very family-friendly place to stay with your family. The place would easily fit in your budget as well. Facilities like a relaxing Jacuzzi and a spa are also present to make your trip a fully comfortable one.

The place can be far from New Buffalo Beach but is worth it as it has many places to visit. The places in the vicinity include the Luhr County Park and other La Porte parks that are quite famous.

New  Buffalo Beach

4.Cool Spring Inn

The Cool Spring Inn is the most affordable one of them all. With cozy rooms and a natural setting, the place serves well if you are traveling solo. All the amenities are present at the Inn, and proper cleaning and hygiene are always maintained.

Places to Eat at New Buffalo Beach

1.The Lakehouse Pub

Enjoy some delicious and savoring food in an open and spacious setting. The place is not enclosed or much sophisticated hence the prices are also quite low. Delivery and takeaway facilities are all available.

The Lakehouse Pub offers a free parking fee facility and is a place for everyone. Wines, beers, and other alcoholic beverages are served here, so there is no need for you to find another spot.

The Deli sandwiches and soups are mostly preferred by people and are also their best sellers.

2.New Buffalo Bill’s Wood Fired Bbq

Rated as the best places to the east in New Buffalo Beach both by the reviews and the guests. Please get to the place to check their level of correctness. The very much-average-priced restaurant would serve the best value for your money when food is concerned.

Located at 603 E Buffalo Street in New Buffalo, the place sees a large number of people on holidays.

Famous for serving the best brisket in town, all the brisket lovers revere the place. It is said that there are only a few places that can make a perfect brisket, and luckily, the New Buffalo Bills’ Wood Fire Bbq being one of them.

Talking about the collective ambiance of the place, which is decorated nicely throughout. The place is one of the best ones for hosting dinner parties with family and friends.

3.Oinks’ Dutch Treat

The most playfully cheerful place to eat in New Buffalo Beach is here with the Oink’s Dutch Treat.

Unlike a restaurant, the place is more like a shop or like some outlet of some famous food brand. People still don’t mind their setting as long as the place serves you good food. Honestly, this is the thing that is the most important. You would always find the place looking a bit overcrowded but trust me, and your turn would be worth the wait.

These were our prime suggestions regarding the best things you can try out at the New Buffalo Beach. I hope that you like them and would be willing to consider them at least once.

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