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2015- India’s hottest year ever!

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The year 2015, has been like 4 seasons on summer! The temperatures have been really high and no rain at all (except in Chennai). Though India is a peninsula, there is a scarcity of water. If this continues, it will lead to ground water subsidy. Finding water for basic needs will be really hard. Predictions are, 2016 will be hotter! We’re in for a really hot year next!


This is not just India’s hottest, it’s the hottest year the world has ever seen so far. The heat problem is a problem the whole world is facing. Especially in India. The country has lived through it hottest August, September, October, November and now, December too! Scientists from IITM, Pune, say that global temperatures have been rising continuously since 1997. That means this heat problem might have been expected. What is causing this temperature rise? Global warming. Human-induced global warming. That is the main reason for the rising temperatures. The El-Nino phenomenon is a contributing factor too. The temperature, on an average, has risen by 1 degree (centigrade) and if it further rises, will be harmful to the existence of plant and animal life.

Water scarcity
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Studies say that if the global temperature rise more, the world economy will face threats. The world’s warmest five-year period has been 2011-2015. The temperatures are rising so much, that it is actually harmful!

9 months out of 12 have broken the records for being the hottest months ever recorded, they broke their own hottest month records!

Another problem which the world faces is that along with the rising of temperatures, there is a rise in the sea levels also. Sea level is rising by an estimated 1.7mm every year. India, will have dangerous effects, maybe not immediately or through the months or years, but through decades, maybe ever years, (if it is very severe) due to this. There are many low lying areas in our country which are flood prone zones, and inundation causes death, destruction and devastation. All this is just because of the heat. The heat is just because of global warming.

Global warming
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We, the people of India have to play our part in the control of these climatic conditions. As an initiative, the ‘Green India’ mission has been started by the government of India, which targets afforestation of at least 10 million hectares of land through the coming decade. Trees are our main source of oxygen and also sources of rainfall, which is a way to cool the surface down and reduce the heat.

Tree plantation
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Planting trees should be encouraged. It is not just the duty of the government to control global warming but every citizen of India should do their part, as a team or as an individual to reduce the pollution first, and then think about what to do for the climate or for all the heat that has come this year and for the heat which will next year.

It is not just the duty of the government to control global warming but every citizen of India should do their part, as a team or as an individual to reduce the pollution first. All of us have to contribute, and do our part, so that the coming years won’t be as hot as this one, so that we won’t have a water problem in the future.

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