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3 Old Blind Beliefs of People That are Yet Applied

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Every teenager and child must have heard about very blind superstitions from their grandparents, relatives and at times from parents as well. Whenever they feel that something’s not right, or you are going against any of those superstitions, they immediately stop you there and then. They might even yell at you if you say that “I don’t believe this.” But at the end of it all, you are left with no other choice but to do as they say. The following are a few old blind beliefs of people that are yet applied and followed in today’s generation of advancement:


  1. Lucky one rupee coin- You must have noticed that whenever you go out to attend any Indian wedding, the guests often offer the couple a “shotgun” card, that contains a one rupee coin attached to it. It is believed that whenever you offer blessings to anyone in the form of money, then the total sum of money must not end in an even number. This is the reason why a one rupee coin is added to the envelope; it is believed to be the lucky charm in any special occasion.                                                                              download (1)
  2. Lemon and green chillies- Whenever you pass by a street, you must have noticed that a few people have hung a lemon and seven green chillies on their main gate with a string. At times they even prefer hanging it in their offices, shops, or any other place they work. The main concept of lemon chilli is that the combination of these two, discard away all the evil energy surrounding a person or a person’s workplace or home.        download (2)
  3. 13, Friday and black cat- If ever a black cat crosses your way, you must have been stopped there and then. It’s so, because it is believed that a black cat is unlucky. Another such belief is that of 13 number and Friday. 13 number and Friday are both believed to be unlucky, and if 13 dates and Friday appear on the same day in the calender, that day is considered to be one of the most unluckiest days of a person’s life. Therefore people forbid stepping out of their home if the combination of 13 and Friday appears together.

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