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11 Outstanding Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Should Have

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Neha Jain
Neha Jain is a 21 year old writer, hailing from Delhi. She loves reading and has a passion for writing and meeting new people.

Your appearance as a person speaks much louder than how you act. We often pass people around the subway station, the park, and even the streets without saying even a single word yet we people are already judging you based on your appearance, without you knowing. So, the impression that you leave is directly dependent on the wardrobe essentials stacked by you.

Do you want a proof? Why don’t you try to wear a black bonnet covering your whole face except your eyes, a black sweater, and black pants? Let’s see if you can’t see a police car show up around you.

Yes, it is unfair! But come to think of it, what’s above is sad but true. It’s just that this is how life works. Nothing is fair. People would still judge you depending on how you present yourself to them. So, if you choose to dress like a criminal, they’ll treat you like one.

There are several factors that we cannot control that affects the way men dress. There is weather, there is also season, and even style. You may have gathered some clothes for the past few years. You may have the same old clothes in your closet that you like most and of course those that you would never like to give or let go.

But let me just ask you one real question. As a man, do you own the wardrobe essentials? The perfect pieces to wear? The clothes that every closet should have and can never stand out without it? Well, it’s about time you take a look in your closet and determine the right pieces and those that you need to throw.

1. A perfectly tailored suit

Business suits are perfect for any occasion, and anywhere you go (especially shades navy and charcoal). You may think that in this generation, what’s important is just to be casual and comfortable. But we tell you, we have this unspoken belief that only accomplished and valuable persons are the only one who wears suits. So if a man wears a suit, we often think he’s somewhat a famous and successful person in the country. So at least two perfectly tailored suits are wardrobe essentials, but of course, two is not the limit. As to how they say it, the more, the merrier.

2. A white dress shirt

Why do you need a white dress shirt? Simple. It’s because of people or let’s say, men who wear this type of shirts (especially those with high-end fabric and eye-catching pattern) look great and elegant. It matches any versatile tie and even any shades or colors of suits.

It can never be the same for those which are colored, printed with stripes and even checkered. White just stands out. Well, you might think it’s not like that, but most people do. It is one of the wardrobe essentials for you to look pressed and untidy.

3. A pale blue dress shirt

A light blue shirt is something that would compliment during less formal occasions. Its dominance can match men’s most color. Nowadays, it holds the place that is safe to wear next to white. But sadly, only a few men have this type of shirt in their closets. Stock some of this for you to have a perfect “to wear” on the weekdays.

4. A topcoat for your suits

You recently bought an expensive suit with a high-end fabric, and you realized winter comes in. So, how can you protect your new suit? Good news! A topcoat will do the job for you. A wool top coat would be perfect for the cold months on top of your suits. A shade of camel would be an excellent choice, but a shade of navy would be more flexible.

5. A cashmere sweater

It is surely a huge investment for a man to shop for some high-quality cashmere sweaters in his wardrobe essentials. For him to buy the perfect garment for him, it would be best to understand first how shirts differ from each other. Aside from that, he also needs to know the perfect color for him.

Cashmere sweaters are perfect inner shirts during cold months. One perfect shade is something with a neutral tone. Choose something that would compliment any color of suits and shirts like navy. If you can’t afford pure cashmere, cotton-cashmere is already good, and it may give you the same benefits pure cashmere can give.

6. A pair of brown shoes

A pair of brown shoes is ideal for those who use or wear a suit every time. Think of this type of shoes as your workday pump. Match different occasions may it be formal,  essential business and client meetings and conservative business partner get-togethers. You may try branching or experimenting with various colors of shoes later but make sure Brown is your basic color.

7. A belt that would match your shoes

Belts and shoes should always match (especially if you’re wearing a suit). Also, the belt that you use should compliment if you wear a pair of dress shoes. Matching your belt to your shoes makes the total look classy and elegant. Aside from that, it also boosts your appeal, making you even more powerful rather than just in a regular suit.

8. A WOW watch

You may doubt this one, but yeah! Men need to wear watches to complete that striking, compelling look. We all know that people, rarely wear watches nowadays and this is a pretty common mistake. A well-picked watch can complete a get-up even if you dress up a pair of pants or you’re in a suit.

By the way, a suit without an expensive and impressive watch is like a pair of pants without a belt. It’s just not complete. When you shop for a watch, it doesn’t have to be real expensive. Choose something that would compliment the colors and styles of your clothes.

9. A blazer

If you’re looking for something that is not a suit, neither a sports coat, is undeniably versatile and looks amazing, then consider adding a blazer to your wardrobe essentials. A blazer is a type of apparel that is very simple, yet we often disregard it.

A blazer can match anything that you’re thinking: a paisley, your striped shirt, some checkered shirts and even simple ties. What’s good about a blazer is that it can class up anything that you’re wearing. Consider buying one great fabric, and you would probably use it more than you think.

10. A button up shirt

A button down collar is something that would add a great mixture to the closet of one male person without hassle. The more simple it is, the better. One tip, though, pick the one that would complement your color.

White would be perfect for a start. Pale blue is also good as this will be excellent for the weekdays. The options when it comes to fabric is endless. Oxford? Broadcloth? No problem! They’re both flexible or versatile, and you may wear it as it is or under a blazer.

11. A pair of chinos

Chino pants should always be the must buy wardrobe essentials. It is one of the most adaptable kinds of pants. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a casual t-shirt, a button-down shirt, and you may even use it in any casual business event. If you want a casual look, wear them with a polo.


It is also important for men to doll up just like women. Some people judge their character based on how they look and what they wear, and that’s an ugly truth. One good thing is that different websites offer a wide array of men’s clothing nowadays. If you’re a fashion designer by profession or just a simple person who likes to be in style, what other things should you include as men’s wardrobe essentials? Share it down in our comments section!

Jenny Park is a fashion designer by profession and a writer by heart. She writes on behalf of French Connection, a company based in Australia. She spends her vacant time reading about the new and latest fashion craze anywhere in the globe.

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