The Perils Of Taking Life Too Seriously

The Perils Of Taking Life Too Seriously 1
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Life is a beautiful journey. It is our greatest teacher, and it teaches us to become the master of our own lives. The knowledge we gain, the happy moments we experience all come together to show us the miracle that is life.

It is meant to be enjoyed, not fretted over with a furrowed brow. There is a thin line between sincerity and seriousness. While sincerity is supplemented by joy, happiness and a love for what you do, seriousness is staid and mundane.

The frustrations of modern life take their toll on us all, turning everyday situations complicated, thus engulfing us in a blanket of worry, sorrow and doldrums.

Here are 5 reasons why life should not be taken too seriously:

1) It takes away the fun

Anguish and grief becomes a part of life. No moments are cherished and remembered with a fond smile.  A constant frown disfigures one’s face, marring one’s natural beauty. Nothing cheers us up. We are eaten away by pain and distress. Nothing is alluring or exciting. We forget to appreciate our achievements and just whine about what we


2) Health issues

Now-a-days 90% of ailments and illnesses are a direct consequence of stress. Taking undue pressure releases toxic hormones in the body that are silent killers and completely wreck us physically. Heart attacks, high blood pressure and other health disorders are found in every  third person and thus lead to ruinous consequences. Our health deteriorates. We don’t live life, we merely survive by swallowing pills and gulping down medication. What is left behind is just a depressed, gaunt shell of the person we used to be.11863) Every chore becomes an uphill task

The seriousness in our life reduces our capabilities. We perceive every new task to be inconceivably difficult, and end up doubting our own abilities. The urge to lose ourselves in our work out of love for our jobs, turns into a compulsion instead. Instead of enjoying it, we think of it as a punishment.


4) Ruined relationships

A dull life has a detrimental effect on relationships. Instead of valuing every moment of life, we just crib and cry. We hardly reveal the extent of our affections and the depth of our feelings for our loved ones. We become self-centered and insensitive. We are so distracted by our problems that nothing else holds our (1)5) The ultimate conclusion is depression

All the unwanted seriousness destroys life completely through depression. It is very difficult to turn around and recover from such a low. We start taking everything in a negative way. No amount of doctors’ visits can help and the thousands you spend on medicines are all down the drain until you learn to love life and see it in all it’s beautiful and terrible glory.



Honestly speaking, life is too short for wasting time on your woes. Taking life too seriously can make us age before our time. Life is a thrill, an adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest. We should live for the small wonders of life. True satisfaction and contentment is when we give our all to achieving our goals, in a calm and balanced way. So stop being a wet blanket all the time. Run around in the first rain showers on a muddy hill slope and ruin your dress, take your wife out for a surprise walk through a rose garden instead of getting a head-start on that presentation for Monday. Smile a little wider, walk a little lighter. Live a little longer!

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