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“Valley of the sun” –

The Valley in which the city lies, Phoenix, is known for its warm and sunny temperature, and it is the capital of the U.S. state of Arizona. On the bank of the salt river, The Valley of the sun is known for its growing brewing operation, unique craft beering, and its famous local ingredients like Cactus fruit and desert wheat.

We also see this place for its luxurious resorts and breweries, and in the last few years, many new leading brewery companies have opened up.

However, Phoenix breweries might not be known as a beer city. Still, more than 100 breweries and beer research institutes (beer research institutes are the perfect combination of both food and beer) with their best speciality. Also, if you are in Phoenix, you should visit the Beer garden as well.

Phoenix Breweries
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But What are the best Phoenix breweries?

Here are our best picks for the best phoenix breweries company/brewery and beer shops.


1. Phoenix Breweries: Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Inside The Tank | Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

In 2013, Jonathan Buford and Patrick Ware started their brewery company making unorthodox beers with local ingredients. Then they led to open Gilbert’s first craft brewery. Both Jonathan Buford and Patrick ware are known for their best brewery in Phoenix.

Arizona Wilderness, known for being the most awarded brewery in Arizona. Meanwhile, Navajo tacos and beer are the favourite food of the people here, although there are many other food options, and food trucks are also available.

2. Phoenix Breweries: Tombstone Brewing Company

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Tombstone originated in Tombstone and is now in Phoenix, AZ. In fall, 2020 Tombstone began its brewing company in Phoenix. Monument has a lot more, doppelbock, fruited sours, special releases like blended solid ales.

Their beer and variety of flavours are becoming popular among people. This is a worldwide site either; anyone from anywhere can enjoy it.

3. Phoenix Breweries: Wren House Brewing Co.

Wren House & Wren House Brewing, a wild mixture of craft beers with lovely designs that emphasize the best Sonoran Desert features, is a wild concoction of craft beers with gorgeous designs that highlight the greatest Sonoran Desert features.

Wren house is one of the newest Phoenix breweries. Still, Wren House Brewing is also known for everyone’s favourite valley beer, and this is one of the most famous here, and everyone should try this first and apart from this, you can go for some other brews like a tropical wally, The gang Triple I.P.A. and the matty black.

4. Phoenix Breweries: Greenwood Brewing Co.

20 Best Phoenix Breweries 1
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Owner Megan Greenwood opens her new “Woman-owned brewery.” And in any case, you want to get away from the dark wood and get away from the typical breweries, then this place and this brewery are for you.

In Roosevelt Row, the Arizona ave Arts District has a light and airy ambience that matches the light and airy beers available. Try the refreshing and zesty Herstory, Brew Pale Ale Beer, and Peach ale beer to compliment your surroundings.

5. Phoenix Breweries: Huss Brewing Co. Taproom

Huss Brewing Co.

Jeff and Leah Huss have been engaged in Arizona’s craft beer business since 2013, but their first brewpub in Tempe didn’t debut until 2014. The Huss brewing name became synonymous with the industry.

The Papago Brewing and Arizona Light brands are part of this enterprise. They’re responsible for classics such as Orange Blossom, Scottsdale Blonde, and Koffee Kölsch, which can be found in just about any restaurant or bar in Phoenix.

Huss brewing may be enjoyed at their Tempe taproom or at their uptown Phoenix location, where you can couple a flight with some snacks. Keep a watch out for their new site, located in the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix.

6. Phoenix Breweries: O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery

Nothing beats a pint with your pet at your side, which is precisely what O.H.S.O. is all about. Outrageous Home brewer’s Social Outpost is the brewery’s acronym, and it represents a mix of craft beer culture and laid-back local hangouts.

O.H.S.O. is the ideal pitstop for your next dog walk or bike ride because of this combo. You may enjoy more than 40 taps of O.H.S.O. breweries and guest beers, wine, and cocktails, plus a top-notch food selection no matter where you are in Greater Phoenix.

You’ll know you’re at the correct area when you see the motorcycles and drinks and hear the dogs. Well, this place is my favourite brewery.

7. Phoenix Breweries: The Shop Beer Company

The Shop Beer Co, Its Kinda Like That

This Tempe brewery’s shop beer expansive terrace, flanked by paintings and vegetation beneath the desert sky, is a great spot to savour beer brewed just yards away.

The Shop Beer has an easygoing tasting room and is famous for its unique and quality beers. The tasting room was originally built in 1952 as a residency, but now it is one of the best tasting rooms in Phoenix.

Do check out their patio, or the “backyard”, as they call it, to spend a great evening with drinks and food.


8. Phoenix Breweries: Four Peaks Brewing Company

Experience brews and food at Four Peaks Brewing Company

The craft beer business in Arizona and some would claim the Southwest as a whole, was headed by four peaks. Four Peaks launched in 1996 in a 125-year-old structure that had previously served as an ice house, a creamery, and a recording studio where Stevie Nicks had performed.

Four Peaks’ founders campaigned for years to change restrictive legislation affecting small craft breweries, eventually collaborating with Governor Doug Ducey to help breweries prosper in Arizona.

Many residents were astonished to learn that Four Peaks had sold to Anheuser-Busch in 2016, given its courageous start.

On the other hand, according to their regulars, Four Peaks is still as excellent as before the sale. It has a wide range of tasty beers to choose from.

9. Phoenix Breweries: Santan Brewing Company

SanTan Brewing Company On Adventures In Brew

SanTan, one of the state’s largest craft breweries, first opened its doors in downtown Chandler in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. Before your flight, stop by the uptown Phoenix store or grab a beverage and a snack at Sky Harbor.

SanTan also offers brewery and distillery tours. After trying classics like HopShock I.P.A., Devil’s Ale American Pale Ale, or the summer seasonal Mr Pineapple wheat beer, you’ll know that any SanTan experience is worthwhile.

10. Phoenix Breweries: Fate Brewing

Fate Brewing is a staple for East Valley residents. Fate has you covered, whether you want to meet up with some friends at their taproom in north Scottsdale or sip on the terrace of their 15-barrel brewhouse in south Scottsdale.


11. Phoenix Breweries: Helton Brewing Co.

20 Best Phoenix Breweries 2
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You will be pleasantly impressed with Helton brewing Scotch Ale, which owner/head brewer/Certified Cicerone Brian Helton has been refining for the past 23 years. Because of Brian’s dedication to his craft, locals are treated to expert renditions of various styles.

The brewery isn’t that old (the central Phoenix location opened in May 2016), but locals have been treated to expert performances of multiple types thanks to Brian’s dedication to his craft.

Located on Indian School Rd, this brewery offers an open space to enjoy a bright evening. They have a cosy, inviting atmosphere that people love the most.

You will even get to witness live music performances while you are enjoying their brew and kitchen.

12. Phoenix Breweries: The Perch Brewery

The Perch

Stay for the birds if you come for the drink. The Perch is part brewery, part aviary, and undoubtedly one of Phoenix’s most unique dining experiences.

The brewpub, located in historic downtown Chandler, is home to 50 tropical rescue birds whose cages can be found throughout the lush garden patio and rooftop bar.

At the same time, you wait for one of the resident parrots to ask Polly if she wants a cracker, sample from a selection of 40 speciality beers, including rotating guest taps. Bonus: The seasonal specials on the “craft food” menu include craft beers among the ingredients.

13. Phoenix Breweries: West Brewing Company

12 West Brewing, based in Gilbert, opened a second outlet on Main Street in Mesa’s burgeoning downtown. Its brewers produce an impressive and diverse lineup of staple beers, including Zona (pilsner), Blap! Blap! (blood orange Belgian wheat beer), and K-LAX (stout) (New England-style I.P.A.).

The brewery’s Cuvée Verdad series, a line of tall bottles filled with diverse interpretations of the puckering style that use blended fermentations and many yeast strains, is popular with sours fans.

14. Phoenix Breweries: State 48 Brewery

We're Open, Arizona: State 48 Brewery reopening with a smile

State 48, which began in Surprise and is named after the year Arizona became a state, has quickly spread throughout the Valley, and for a good reason. Sound of Freedom I.P.A., Javelina Hefeweizen, Lost Dutchman Golden Ale, Copper Star Kolsch, and Vortex Amber are just a few of the fan favourites pumped out by each location’s 10-barrel system.

You can undoubtedly tell that State 48 pays homage to the magnificent Sonoran Desert and Arizona culture in every way. You’ll be set if you combine that with some beautiful cuisine — including wood-fired Neapolitan pizza at their Surprise location — and a variety of yard games.

15. Phoenix Breweries: Mother Brunch Brewing

Bearded men and flannel shirts haven’t always dominated the brewing profession. Julie Meeker, the owner of this brewery, named it after a 17th-century fable about alewives and tapsters as a tribute to former female brewers.

People travel from all across Phoenix and the surrounding states to meet in the middle of Mother Bunch, giving it the feel of an authentic public house. It’s like the neighbourhood’s living room. Visitors and regulars alike feel at ease in this warm and inviting atmosphere, leaving well-fed and a little merrier than when they arrived.

16. Phoenix Breweries: Helio Basin Brewing Company

Helio Basin Brewing Brand Story

The quality of Helio Basin Brewing Company’s beer is one of the first things you’ll notice. Helio’s concept is quality from grain to glass, and you’ll realize it the moment you take a drink of one of their beers.

Add to that high-quality, delicious food prepared from local ingredients with perfect flavour balance, and you’ve got our top pick for Phoenix breweries as well as one of Arizona’s top new breweries!

17. Phoenix Breweries: Sonoran Brew Company

Look no further than Sonoran Brew Company for a plain, palatable beer with no mysteries or surprises. Sonoran doesn’t jingle any bells or blow any whistles.

They won’t entice you with sophisticated combinations or tease you with unusual ingredients, nor will they tell you a poignant narrative about how they got started. They’re all about excellent, drinkable beer, that’s all.

Let’s say this brewery would win the Ron Swanson seal of approval if fictitious characters could write beer evaluations.

18. Phoenix Breweries: Roses by the Stairs Brewing

On McDowell Road in Phoenix, a brewery named after Blink 182 is planned to take over the old Easley’s Costume Shop. The ’90s punk rock-inspired brewery will occupy the bright yellow structure, transforming and trading costumes for craft beer.

Indoors, there will be brewing equipment and a bar, and outdoor seating on a massive, dog-friendly patio.

The company has vowed to donate 1% of all sales to environmental organizations and wants to employ local products, so the new brewery’s outdoors and environment are two foundations.

Ham began his effort by repurposing pallets to create tables for the taproom. The opening date for Roses by the Stairs is set for May 2021.

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19. Phoenix Breweries: White Elephant Brewing Company

Becca Quisenberry, the chief operations officer, and Samantha Quisenberry, the assistant brewmaster, are leading the company.

According to the company’s website, Joel Quisenberry has been a homebrewer since 2015 and chose to turn his hobby into a business during the epidemic. This summer, the new brewery will open.

20. Phoenix Breweries: Flying Basset Brewing

This Phoenix brewery is by far the best place to have a relaxed evening, as it offers a laid-back atmosphere. Flying Basset is an independently run brewery located on Ray Road.

Flying Basset offers a variety of options for you in beers, from cans to growler fills. You will find everything here.

They even have a lot of ongoing specials for the customers such as happy hours on Monday-Friday, from 3 to 6 pm.

Other than craft beers, they serve excellent food services too. So, you are hooked on Flying Basset for good.

So, these are some of the best Phoenix Breweries. You should try out at least half of them if you have enough time on your hands. You won’t regret visiting any of these Phoenix Breweries.

Do let us know which one turned out to be exactly as you expected.



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