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Pitbull Puppies – The Top 10 Amazing Facts

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A Pitbull is not a particular breed; it is a generic term. Pitbull puppies can used to describe all the dogs that have similar personalities and characteristics. It can include Pit mixes, American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bull Terriers.

Pitbull breed is playful, obedient, courageous, tenacious, and strong. They have a unique personality, which helps them become good in different sports, competition, and weight pulling,

Pitbull Puppies - The Top 10 Amazing Facts 1
Origin Of Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull is a breed that came from crossing Terrier dogs and Bull and was solely done for herding. Later, they were brought into fights and sports and are termed as fighter dogs because of their agility and speed. They were not known for their size or appearance and are very sensitive and can get hurt easily.

In the early 1800s, English Bulldogs were termed as Pitbulls because they more or less have similar looks. They are strong yet very loving and loyal towards human beings. Since they were so loyal, they were turned into dangerous and aggressive tools by criminal owners. As a result, they were banned.

A female pit bull weighs from 14 to around 36 kgs with an average height of 45.72 cm. The male pit bull also weighs 14 to 36 kg and height 48.26 cm. The life span of this breed is from 8 years to 15 years.

10 Things you should Know about Pitbull Puppies

What makes Pitbulls a great friend for humans? Wondering what you should know about Pitbull puppies? Here is a look at what you should know.

1. Pitbulls love humans more than any other breed

Though they do not like other dogs, they love humans. They are happiest when they have people around them. They love to wiggle, play, and please the favorite people around them.

Pitbull puppies are social puppies with people. Taking advantage of this trait in Pitbull puppies, some criminals train these dogs to do illegal activities for them,.

2.No waste of money on grooming

The pitbull puppies need low maintenance, and they take little time for bathing. They do not need regular bathing, haircuts for puppies, and even they do not need regular brushing. But, puppies love brushing most of the time.

Pitbull puppies
3.Extreme Loyal Pitbull Puppies

Now, we all know that dogs are loyal to their master or family members. There is nothing new about it. But, pitbull puppies are extra dependable. They love humans – a reason you cannot call them the best guard dogs. But, they will interfere if someone threatens their favorite humans. If you want to adopt a pit bull puppy, then you can be rest assure that you are getting a friend for the lifetime.

4. Puppies Know How To Entertain

If you have a pitbull puppy at home,  you will never be bored. This breed brings a smile to your face. They will drive you crazy with lots of laughs. They carefully observe every activity you do, and when they understand that you are noticing them, they will pretend as if nothing has happened.

5. Share a Great Bond with Kids

They never get annoyed with the children. They love many hugs and kisses from kids. They are obsessed with kids. To get that one cuddle from the kids, they continuously beg near kids. There is no fear when the pitbull puppy is near your kid. They ask or chase for love to kids in a cute manner.

6. U.S. Army Mascot

During World War l and ll, the pitbull was seen on every U.S Army posters as pitbulls were a symbol of strength, power, bravery,  and loyalty. Some dogs even served in the war.

7. Therapy or Service Dogs

Pitbulls also act as therapy dogs. Even their puppies are also cute and they show a  lot of love and affection. They make funny faces that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Hence, they support people who are emotionally challenged in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, and schools.

8. Ideal for Sniffing Jobs

The pitbull has a great power of smell, and they are excellent as bomb and drug-sniffing dogs. They fall into the category of highly intelligent energy dogs. There is a record that a pitbull found cocaine of 3000 Ibs in Texas.

9. Hulk, The Largest In The Entire World

The world’s largest pit bull was named Hulk, who weighs almost 174 pounds. It was living in the family as a protection dog but later on became a playmate of a child in the family and even the gentle bodyguard. He is also a father of eight puppies.

10. Emotional Dog Ever

Pitbulls are highly emotional creatures. If it wants something from its master and failed to receive it, then you will not see any aggressiveness; instead, you will receive treatment of silence. However, they readily forgive and even forget.

Training Of Pitbull Puppies

When you start the training of pit bulls, they are very responsive, and they will try every move to please you. If you take them to obedience class, they are quick to respond. It is very important that they receive all their vaccination before they come in contact with all other dogs.

Pitbull Puppies - The Top 10 Amazing Facts 2

Precautions Before Owning

If you own multiple breeds of dogs, then you have to take specific measures. The breed and other dogs can indulge in fights easily. Hence, the owner should get training on how to avoid fighting, how to break a row so that he can save the dog’s life.

Pitbulls have incredible abilities in fighting, and they can cause some severe injuries to other dogs. Hence, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep a peaceful ambiance.  Apart from these precautionary measures, the pitbull is a  loving dog that you can add to your family.

They love humans, and their playful nature will bound you to love them forever.
I hope you own a pitbull soon to enjoy all these amazing qualities that this breed possesses. Make it your lifetime friend who can love you unconditionally.

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