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7 Places to visit in Diwali in India

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Diwali is the most celebrated festivals in India. It is called as the festival of lights as the whole place is decorated with lamps and diyas, which signifies the defeat of the evil and the removal of darkness. People can experience the noise of bursting of crackers. There are many places where it is celebrated in a very promising way. But the top 7 places are-

As everyone knows very well, Kolkata is considered and regarded as the cultural capital of India. This place will give the people the best experience to worship Kali Puja in West Bengal. The streets will be decorated with lights, diyas and bulbs which enhance the concept of the removal of the dark a day before the Puja to mark the auspicious of Deepavali. The people of Kolkata do Lakshmi Puja too.
Jaipur is a place as it gives the glimpse of our tradition and culture, our forts, rulers, monuments, and much more. Apart from these Jaipur is also known as pink city. The whole town which includes the market will be decorated with lights, bulbs and each home will be covered with the lightning of diyas. The people taste unique and yummy Diwali dishes and sweets from the local streets and shops.
Goa which is mainly famous for the destination of a honeymoon or late night parties, but it is also famous for the festival of Diwali. If you are planning a trip on a festival season especially on Diwali then, pick Goa as a choice. Goa celebrates Diwali with the burning of crackers and gambling. Yes! Gambling is one of the major activities here.

Mumbai is also known for the Diwali celebration. Like any other city, Mumbai also light lamps, diyas, burst crackers and prepare Diwali sweets and celebrate it with their near and dears. At night, Marine Drive beach during the festival is a lot of activities and celebrations happening at this place which is a must watch which includes ultimate fireworks which are the main attraction of this location.
Mostly, people say it is a very great feeling to experience Diwali at Amritsar. Make this Diwali an even more special one by celebrating in Amritsar at the Golden Temple. The entire temple is filled with diyas, which shows an amazing view during the night.

In Odisha, Diwali begins with the worship of Kali Puja as it is the main festival. Their way of Diwali celebration is quite special as they make sure to consider their time to remember their ancestors. During the Kali Puja, the members of the family chant mantras and light up the jute sticks which pray that the ancestors attain salvation on the twenty-second steps of Jagannath Puri.

Sivakasi is a village in Tamil Nadu, and the main importance of this place is that it is the largest place for the manufacturing of crackers. It is a place where crackers are made and manufactured. They covered the entire village with lights, diyas and burst crackers of all kinds which are worth watching.

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