Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Playster Streaming Service Comes With Unlimited Content Access And Low Subscription Prices

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Neha Jain
Neha Jain is a 21 year old writer, hailing from Delhi. She loves reading and has a passion for writing and meeting new people.

We were pretty excited to have the chance to review Playster as the service bills itself to be the most complete streaming platform out there. Unlike its direct competitors, their service is not limited to just movies and TV shows or just music, instead, it has all of that and more. The platform also has books, audiobooks and even games.

One of its main features is that it offers unlimited access to a wide array of entertainment, which is all skillfully bundled together in one convenient app. An all-inclusive package with unlimited access to everything will set you back just $24.95. Meanwhile, if you wish to only sign up for a single media type, that option is also available for as little as $3.95 per month, depending on what you choose.

The service comes at a seriously affordable rate, given that it combines all entertainment options in one simple app. We did the math and arrived at the conclusion that buying books, having a cable subscription and renting movies (or simply having numerous subscription services) would set you back a whole lot more.

What’s more, those who opt for a year-long subscription to Playster will receive a Combo Box, which basically includes a free tablet and headphone set.

The Android tablet provided by them is a nice upgrade to the basic Kindle, for example, as it offers all the capabilities of a regular tablet, plus the opportunity to use the Playster service to its full potential. The headphones were a great addition as well and do a good job when listening to an audiobook on the go or watching a movie without disturbing the ones around you. The platform offers the best package out there when it comes to providing a wide array of content at a low price and, considering that it is still fairly new, it can only get better! Their selection of audiobooks is simply amazing and new titles are added every week. All content is also neatly divided into various categories for easy searching and, if you’re not sure of what to read, watch or listen to, you can simply click on the “What’s New?” section and keep being entertained for hours on end.

We highly recommend entertainment and streaming buffs try this service, especially since all new members get to enjoy a 30-day free trial, risk-free.

About the author

Neha Jain is a 21 year old writer, hailing from Delhi. She loves reading and has a passion for writing and meeting new people.

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