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What are human beings made of? If you’re going to answer atoms, you’re wrong. If quantum mechanics was a way to define them, then our ancestors could have avoided so much melodrama in the past. No, I believe humans are made of more complicated segments, fragments that no one will ever understand.

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Human beings are made of emotions, drama, understanding, ego, and so much more. People have made so much progress in the years that has gone by, but no progress whatsoever in what controls us, the emotions that drive us off the cliff.

Shrinks are the people who we go to because we assume that they understand human beings. That’s a big lie, and we all know it; shrinks understand the common features of the human being as a whole; they do not know us individually. They don’t understand you as a person; instead, they understand you as a species they have spent their lives studying and a species they try to relate to according to their studies. They judge. That’s a funny statement, and it’s funny when someone says, ‘I don’t judge.’ That’s a lie, everyone judges. From the age at which we start remembering things to the age where we stop, we judge people left, right, and center.

You can tell me that you don’t judge, but that’s not true. The moment you heard the story about the shrinks and decided that that person is a bad human based on the stories that I have told you, you have judged that person without knowing him. That also qualifies as judging.

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When you look at someone and decide that that person hasn’t explored the more philosophical end of life, you are judging them. The moment you think that someone isn’t as good as you or intellectually as smart as you, it means you are judging them. In short, no matter what opinion you have of anyone, it is basically a judgment.

You can never know a human being too well to know what they are going to do or what they are going through without judging. You can know 9 out of 10 times what your friend is going through, but there’s always that one time where you judge a person wrong, or you judge the situation wrong.

In short, everyone judges. People who say that they don’t judge are the biggest liars in the world. We say we don’t judge; why is that? It’s simple; it’s easier to tell someone that you won’t judge them regardless of what they tell you; this comforts the other person and gives them the security they need to tell you their deepest secrets. But the moment you tell them that you won’t judge them, your mind comes up with a thousand and one stories that could match whatever it is that your friend was going to share.

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Here’s another thing that I don’t understand, security. People have to be so secure about everything, their bank balance, their house, their property. The security that I am specifically talking about is emotional security. Security is the basic food for religion; it is the very nutrition that helps religion sustain. People believe in God because they want something or someone to love them endlessly. After all, a life spent without love is just scary.

No, don’t be a better person who deserves love but create an imaginary person who will love you. Nonetheless, in short, god is just your imaginary friend who should have stopped existing the moment you entered maturity. People have to feel secure about how they talk, the way they dress, the way they walk, even the way they eat. They are worried about what people around them are going to think. What I always fail to understand is why bother? Why do you want to bother what some x,y,z will think about how you eat or talk or walk.

You don’t know that person, you have never met that person, you will never meet that person in your life again, nor will you ever talk to him again. For those 3 seconds of your life that you come into the physical field of that person, you worry so much about what that person will think about you. How sad can your life be?

You will never satisfy everyone, and there will always be that one person who will not be satisfied with what you are and who you are. What are you going to do then? Try and try to satisfy the person that doesn’t matter instead of satisfying yourself? Does self-satisfaction not mean anything anymore to people, or was it just a hoax for the people who wanted to seem different?

Human beings seem so simple and yet aren’t; the plethora of emotions that are wound around an imaginary soul excuses us from our actions.

The need to not be a failure in front of others, the need not to have another failed relationship, the need to not accepting the fact that it’s over even though it is.

These are all helpless struggles of one person trying to stay afloat, grabbing whatever pieces of the broken ship they can. ‘Moving on’ is such an imaginary phase that people use and yet the simplest. You can tell someone to move on, but you wouldn’t know the pain of it. That doesn’t, however, excuse the person to mourn over the broken ship.

Life is short.

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It’s not long enough to be worried about something as trivial as human relationships, especially a human relationship controlled by the most unstable emotions.

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