Gaze: A Poem

Gaze: A Poem 1

A tale of love, lies, jealousy and loss as seen through the eyes of a disillusioned lover.

Gaze: A Poem 2

Vast as oceans seemed the span

Of distance that between us ran;

Though mere inches did separate,

One look assures, a glance betrays.


No walls of concrete before us stood,

But barriers of gaze beneath the hood.


Perhaps no more than fancy this,

Potent as the serpent’s hiss;

Perhaps your eyes beneath the veil,

No hearts more than mine assail.


Yet your wandering gaze inspires,

Within me, the heat of unknown fires;


What venom thus, the mind infects,

What taint sullies heart’s innocence?

What power a flickering iris holds,

What mystic spells, what charms untold?


That which to build did years exhaust,

In a moment’s fluttering gaze was lost.

Gaze: A Poem 3

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