Horror Stories

While most folks refrain from getting to the roots of tales related to phantoms, we present you with horror stories that bring a chill down your spine.

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D For Doll, D for DEATH!!

As a child, I always dreamt of having different types of dolls like Barbie's, candy, corn husk dolls, Chinese puppets,

Sarnali Sarnali

The Story of Mercy Brown – The Rhode Island Vampire

Will you ever turn down the idea of turning into a vampire? We always picture Damon Salvatore or Alice Cullen

Monimoyee Chakrabarty Monimoyee Chakrabarty

Halloween Can Still Surprise And Terrify!

People celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October, and it originates from Ireland. Halloween is very famous mainly in English-speaking

Dominika Benesova Dominika Benesova