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Poetry: That Beautiful City, Madurai

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John Ihejieto
He is a Post Graduate Student of The American College.He is interested in writing especially poetry.

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. The city in question refers to Madurai, a city of Tamil Nadu. The poem describes the attractive nature of Madurai, the inhabitants of the city, the foreigners, and visitors. Knowledge is vested in this city; hence, as many want to learn, they can easily learn from this city.

Could this be the moving train?

Words spoke of you boundlessly.

Eyes cannot halt beholding you.

Beings only want to be with you.

To be here is ecstasy.

To stay is a riposte to prayer

A privilege indeed, knowledge to get

For champions are thy progenies

My heart came unruffled today.

This big city gave its best to you

A few from a new place

O intellectual habitat of scholars


Who will address these Brobdingnagian faces?

Ears so keen to hold message

Noiseless as the necropolis

A word or two is enough to depart with


Be swift, slow, steady ye pillars.

The way to survive is this.

Much speaking a malady to the soul

Take this unguent and live forever


Literiatician of Lingualumina

Givers of formula also available

Explorers of laboratory

Operators of eye generation


Could this be Judas?

A big salute to friends of the society

And to the holders of economy

Cheers to the owner of the city


Walking around to the cynosure of knowledge

Dyadic prologue continues

Pillars, holding their proof of identity

Eager to drop it at the feet of the moving train


Here comes their voice

Like lantern for the night

To dwarf the depth of darkness

Paving the way for other pillars to engulf

Lose this lunch and liberate laziness

A stitch in time saves nine

Jingle jingly, the stomach sings

Let’s dig on this well of well


Let this moving train carry the pillars

Teach thy ways and special places

Dwelling with you, henceforth our pride

Thy way our way to follow


Originally posted 2015-12-01 21:41:59.

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