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Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts

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Polish pottery is a term generally used collectively for pottery and stoneware. It is one of the most famous items that people purchase from Poland. Polish pottery is one of those incredible arts that a very few people know about.

The art of polish pottery started in the province of Silesia in Germany. The earliest pieces of this fantastic art date back to the 16th century. The products that are produced by the art of polish pottery are hand-made and are decorated with folk art stamping technique which often uses potatoes.

Nowadays, this ancient art is easier to find. This is because of the technology that we have. There are several sites from where you can order real and authentic polish pottery. These products get transported all the way from Poland.

When we want to buy some products concerned with ancient art such as this one, several questions cross our minds. It is often difficult to decide what is the best source to buy some authentic items.

Today, I will bring to your notice some amazing, unknown facts about polish pottery that will help you to know more about this art and will make it easier for you to decide from where you would want to buy the polish pottery of your choice –

There is Another Name Behind it-

When you travel to Europe and want to find polish pottery, it might seem challenging to find it easily. This is not every artist that has only one name.  It is also known as stoneware pottery and Boleslawiec pottery by the traditional Europeans. It is important to remember these names to find the best polish pottery in Europe.

Famous Traditional Patterns –

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 1Why is polish pottery one of the most beautiful arts in the world? This question can only be answered when you take a look at the distinctive and traditional patterns of this unique art. It is said that every product is designed with a distinct pattern, and the repetition of the same patterns in two works is almost impossible. Some of the famous patterns of polish pottery are-

  • Old Poland
  • Crimson bells
  • Floral peacock
  • Emerald mosaic

Poland is very well known for the usage of dark blue and white designs. These colors have a significant impact on the customer. These colors are also used while making polish pottery. Some of the products are also glazed in beautiful colors like green, brown, orange, and even yellow.

The most famous patterns that are preferred by a large population are the floral peacock designs.

The Concern for Safety-

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 2

Polish pottery is one of those products that can stay safe easily in various conditions and environments.  It can remain intact in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and a few other extreme conditions. An important question arises here-What is the secret to this?

The artists who create these products are well trained and are experts at choosing the correct type of clay for the creation of these beautiful products. Moreover, they bake the item at the blistering temperature of 2,246 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of baking done at such a flaming temperature is the reason for the shocking resistance of the products. Food can be kept in contact with polish pottery for a long time, and no reactions would occur.

However, for oven use, placement in a cold oven is recommended.

The Modern World

Today, even in the world of fantastic technology, the artists create their products and decorate them with their own hands. These artists undergo proper, professional training for performing this art. They often use sponges to stamp and decorate the products beautifully.

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 3

The correct amounts of ingredients are first mixed carefully, and then the polish pottery is appropriately molded. After these essential steps take place, the pottery is decorated and fired twice. The whole process makes pottery strong and resistant. Along with the strength of the polish pottery, the method also ensures that it does not crack easily.

However, the possibility of the pottery breaking after it falls is equally likely. Thus, it should be preserved carefully.

The polish pottery is expensive. The reason behind the high cost of polish pottery is the number of efforts that are put in by the artisans in the creation of polish pottery. Moreover, the result of polish pottery takes an awfully long time.

Distinctive Ways in which the Products is Used-

People have started using polish pottery in their everyday life nowadays. They use these in the form of cups and coffee mugs. Some people also prefer using polish pottery as a showpiece that attracts the eyes of guests in the house. These are often contemplated as unique pieces in the home and are used only when some special occasion takes place.

Other than this, the polish pottery is used as plates and other utensils in the house and makes the house look classier. It is a lesser-known fact that polish pottery is also used as storage containers in gardens.

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 4

If we notice very carefully, polish pottery can be found in the ornaments that are specifically prepared for Easter and Christmas. These designs are mainly created for everybody’s favorite winter season.

The durability of the polish pottery makes it more convenient for people to use it in their everyday lives. The fantastic designs raise the standard of living by making their houses look posh and making them stand out.

Best Polish Pottery in the World-

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 5The best polish pottery is made by a world-acclaimed maker called Ceramika artystyczna, also referred to as CA. This company is famous for cultivating traditional items that hold great significance for the people who follow traditions. The stoneware made by CA is of the best quality and is the most distinctive artistry.

This company is the best option for buying the best polish pottery as its staff includes professional people, and each product has a quality one sticker. Besides, every product has a 10-year warranty, and every product comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The artisans who work with CA are highly skilled and are experts in their profession. The products are safe to use and free of harmful elements.

Location of Polish Factories-

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 6

Some of the most famous polish factories that produce polish pottery are Ceramika artystyczna, Ceramic Bona, and Zaklady Boleslawiec.

However, these polish factories and the other factories that are responsible for making polish pottery even today are only located in Bolesławiec. The factories can’t operate from outside that area because the white clay and the unique materials can only and only be found in Bolesławiec. Finding the resources that are necessary for the creation of this fantastic art is limited to a specific area.

The Real One and Fake One

The polish pottery can be bought from various companies, including Ceramika artystyczna, Ceramic Bona, and Zaklady Boleslawiec. These companies sell a variety of polish pottery, which might differ based on weight and color. Hence, it can be challenging to understand which polish pottery is an authentic, quality 1 product, and which one is fake.

The differentiation between real and fake polish pottery might seem to be tough, but trust me, it is not as hard as you think it is.

There is a simple technique to find out if the pottery is the real made in Poland or not. This involves a little bit of your observation skills. When you buy Boleslawiec pottery from any company, you have to look for a logo made in Poland. Many of the polish ceramics are signed by the artisans who have created them.

You can also find the sign in the real polish potteries. If the logo is not noticeably transparent or is missing from the product, then it is a fake piece. The pieces that you will find at discount stores are generally two quality or counterfeit pieces.



Polish pottery

Unikat is the signature of the professional artisan who has created a particular piece of Boleslawiec pottery. This signature generally consists of the name of the designer of the work along with the pattern number, all stamped on the backside of the product.

Most of the pieces have another unique property; the painters and the designers of the product are generally two different people. However, unikat is the sign of the designer and not the painter. It is exceedingly rare that the product is painted as well as designed by the same individual.

History and Evolution of Polish Pottery

There is a belief that the creation of this exceptional art must have begun in the 7th century. However, evidence and historical records from the museum of ceramics in Poland state that it probably started around 1380.

There was a presence of fine-grain white clay that was found along the beaver river at that time. This clay benefited the potters and helped in forming the earliest association for pottery in the 1500s.

Day by day, the potters kept improving their skills and, in no time, got the attention of the higher classes. The fantastic white and posh colored pottery attracted different kinds of people. It is also said that the king of Prussia had authorized the original designs in the 18th century.

Top 10 Interesting Polish Pottery Facts 7

One of the most significant changes in the style of the pottery was made by a famous potter called Johann Gottlieb Altman in the 1830s. This man created something so fantastic that it was even more attractive than the original designs of Boleslawiec pottery.

He was the first one to stamp designs on the white clay and give it a remarkable appearance. When this was not enough for him, he applied a clear stone glaze on the top that made it look gorgeous. Johann Gottlieb Altman was also the man behind the incredible durability of the polish pottery.

He was the first one to proceed with the traditional firing of clay at a blistering temperature. He heated the clay somewhere between 2300°F – 3000°F.

In 1897, the town of Bolesławiec earned the title of ‘town of good clay’ along with the establishment of the executive School of Ceramics.  After such a long and prosperous history of the polish pottery, the second world war took its toll on the ceramic industries.

The final phase of the history of this unique art began in 1946. During this time, people took efforts to get back the ceramic industries. Potters began working on their skills again and started making amendments in the process of the creation of polish pottery.

The current polish pottery that is found is the result of long histories and efforts made by some amazingly talented potters. As the art of polish pottery kept evolving, the quality kept getting better, and the number of designs kept increasing.

Mugs and cups generally cost around $40, and other products like plates and platters can cost up to $200 or even more in some cases. The designs have also evolved mainly based on the demand in the market. The designers today have started creating designs that attract more customers.

Isn’t it shocking that some magnificent designs and art forms have such amazing facts and histories hidden behind them? I am sure that all this is pretty fascinating. Just imagine, a product that you are using for your regular occasions and festivals has so many things in its background.

This is the thing about ancient arts; they have a lot of struggles and facts hidden behind them, which glorify them even more.  However, I feel that these ancient arts are underrated in no small extent, and we, as the people who are enjoying these arts and are using them in our lives, must try to know more about them and, at the same time, encourage people to take an interest in them.

It is essential to understand that if we keep using art in our daily lives, without even knowing about it, it will only hide the struggles of the people who have worked hard in making it stand as art. It is also incredibly important to respect these struggles.

It can be concluded that polish pottery is one of the most unique and magnificent arts that has played an incredibly significant role in making our houses look beautiful. It is a rare art that can only be performed by people who hold expertise in this field and should always be encouraged.

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