Thursday, October 21, 2021

Putting Behind The Average Indian In You!

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Most of the Indians come from a middle-class background. To put it in easier terms, “A 30 rupee tender coconut is costlier than a 70 rupee soft drink.” Each day revolves around my family, my work, my daily needs. How many of us have really thought about pushing it forward? This does not make you less responsible for yourself but instead makes you more responsible for your community.

This is not an ambitious Hollywood film that discusses revamping the Indian society but is like an accomplishable task of cleaning your community like a Chetan Bhagat book.

Let me first take the issue that hits me the most, the people from the lower class. Every day, to reach my bus, I pass by a slum where I find naked young children peeing near a large river transformed significantly into a drain. Irresponsible men lying on roads with empty alcohol bottles rolling. These images disturb me to a great extent. How can we solve this? Is there any hope that the next generation will improve, be any better?

The answer is, there are faint chances. The aspect that stops my community from reaching the next level is ‘Education.’

Education does not pertain to bookish knowledge. It’s an art that makes you lead life the right way, healthy, and full of character. As I talked about me passing these slums every day, I find children having no proper restrooms and thus using the roadside as a toilet which is already a pool of poop. Imagine the infections that this would cause. A famous quote says, ” If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If a character is lost, everything is lost”. So awareness, which we generally consider as education, should make sure that this ‘something’ is not lost.

This article seems to have taken a much bigger twist than Dhoom 3. But the ultimate thing that can set things straight is indeed Education. This is a very localized term for every community. For a middle-class family, education is Engineering or Accountancy. For a lower-class family, Education is attending school.

But this term has several facets to it. Education is not just reading books. Education is not answering all the 16 mark questions in an exam. rather, education is to be aware and act responsibly. It is more about putting behind ignorance and taking the initiative to act according to a problem.

So how do you educate yourself? Do not bore yourself with the Economic Times or the World News column in the dailies. Go out and look around. You will find an answer.

This is in no way going to stop you from having a basic educational background. But a time when your servant’s daughter attends university will be when both you and I can be called successful. Success to me and you is when the man next door starts sending his son to school. Success to me and you is when we play an instrumental part in bringing out the change.

“Change your society. Change your country. Be the change .”

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