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Promising Blood Clot Busting Treatment: Revealed

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After years of research, Australian researchers have been able to utilize nanotechnology that allows the dissolution of blood clots in people who are at risk of heart attack and stroke. The results of the studies were published recently in the journal ‘Advanced Materials’. The studies are not yet conclusive and there are many tests left to be done before the treatment method can be used on a large scale.

Blood clotting
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The method involves the use of a nanocapsule that processes blood clots and dissolve them. These nanocapsules are coated with a special drug that facilitates their function and they can directly remove blood clots from blood vessels even in the most sensitive of areas. The idea behind the research was to ‘hack’ the clotting system and reverse its effects in order to remove any kind of blockages in the blood vessels. Professor Hagemeyer, the head researcher of the project is quite confident that the drug can become a safe alternative for treating people who are at risk of heart disease or have chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Originally posted 2015-08-14 01:35:45.

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