6 Psychological Facts You Can Notice Anytime

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What’s the one psychological fact about your body that blew you away? The human mind is considered to be one of the most complicated and advanced organs. It is believed that it can store an infinite amount of data and solve lengthy calculations in a matter of minutes, but it can not remember notes during exams which it studied the day before.

The brain has its own weaknesses, and you ought to be smart enough to trick it.

Here are 6 psychological tricks you could try any time:

1. Silence is your friend:

When you are having a casual conversation with someone, and you want information from that person, the person is reluctant; silence will help you best. When you feel the person is not telling you or is hiding something, all you have to do is remain silent when they answer your question.

The silence makes the person guilty when they have not answered your question completely. To avoid the awkward silence, they will be forced to give you the remaining information. Also, maintain eye contact with the person to expect better results.

2. Look to laugh:

When you are in a group, and the group laughs at some joke, the person you’ll look at while laughing would be the person sharing the same sense of humor. This works best for the person who is telling the joke. As he finishes telling the said joke, he will look at the person who is of great interest.

3. Forceful Repetition:

This is a fun one! When having a one-on-one conversation with someone, then smile, nod, or give a positive response when they say a particular word. Do this whenever the person in front says that particular word. As the conversation goes further, they will start using that word more often, and this will go on until each alternate sentence of that person has that particular word in it.

4. Fake Confidence:

Use this mind trick to blur the lines between brilliance and confidence. This usually works in an office. Whenever you are doing some work, may it be public relations, completing an assignment, completing a target, etc., do it with 100% confidence. When you do this, people will assume that you to be a brilliant person and believe that whatever you are doing is right. This also involves not asking or taking advice that is related to your work. Just make sure you don’t look over-confident.

5. Get what you want:

This will allow you to get a favor from someone without shedding a sweat. All you have to do is approach the person you want to take the favor from and give them a task that they are sure to decline and after the decline, tell them the favor you originally want them to do. The chances are that they will accept it because they already feel guilty for turning down one favor.

6. Chew to Relax:

When you are in a tense situation, chew gum to relax. This happens because the body thinks that when you are chewing gum, you are eating food, and you are in no immediate danger when you are eating. Remember chewing gum doesn’t reduce stress but makes you alert and improves your performance. It does so by increasing the blood flow in your brain.

Feel free to use these psychological tricks in your day-to-day life. Also, do share the results with us in the comment section below.

Originally posted 2015-11-22 15:34:48.

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