Top 14 Digital Marketing Strategies

Top 14 Digital Marketing Strategies 1
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Do you know any digital marketing strategy for a startup?

Many startup companies fail within two years. But this isn’t due to a lack of ideas or fewer funds. Such companies miss out on innovations, creativity, and design. These ideas won’t work until you reach enough customers.

To reach customers online, one needs to follow specific strategies. Such strategies involve using online methods to gain customers.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a technique of marketing. It uses digital mediums such as mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and online media to promote products. 

Before you start promoting products online, check out the digital marketing strategy mentioned below.

Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Social Media Marketing

digital marketing strategy

The best digital marketing strategy. It’s a prevalent strategy. Many companies adopt this strategy to promote their product. This method incurs low cost and less time. It can change your startup to a profit-based one. But you need to handle it well.

When a product is promoted through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others, it’s called social media marketing. Practitioners and Researchers both use this method. Choose the right platform to showcase your product.

Facebook is a popular social media platform. Its user base is more than 2 million. You can promote your products free of cost—a few exceptions like if you wish to reach more people. And reach a targeted audience. It requires cost.

After Facebook, Instagram is another best platform. More followers can gain you more customers. Numerous people promote their products like photography, beauty, artwork, or any such thing. You can set your ad campaign based on their cost.

2. Search Engine Marketing

This method requires to display your startup on search engines and gain sales. Another best digital marketing strategy that gives rapid results. Advertise your website on a search engine. See it on the first page of the search results.

Benefits of SEM include; instant results and quickly reach the target audience. You need to pay if someone clicks on your ad. It incurs a low budget, like 10$ per day. Complete and insights are in your hand. You can optimize it.

This strategy can bring you over a thousand customers. Usually, we click on the first result, which shows up. Create a high-quality page, choose wise keywords, and set an estimated budget. For re-targeting use Google Pixel.

Remember, SEM can exhaust your bank balance. Before starting, take guidance from experts. Or else you may suffer from losses.

3. Search Engine Optimization

digital marketing strategy

A famous digital marketing strategy, mostly used by bloggers. Almost every startup focuses on SEO. It mainly deals with earning backlinks and keyword research. You can gain organic traffic without extra cost.

Start a blog about your products or anything. Optimize it doing well keyword research. Try to create backlinks from influential websites. Design your website to attract audiences. For real success, hire an SEO expert. You may know the basics, but an expert can promote your website well.

Google algorithm ranks pages according to SEO optimization. If you wish your page to be under the first 10, then use SEO for it.

4. Email Marketing

One of the rising digital marketing strategy. The cost effect of growing your business. Study claims, email marketing, brings a 40x return on investment. For every $1 you receive a $40 profit. Thus it brings the right amount of profit.

Ignoring email marketing can a loss of customers. You can start this strategy before launching your product. Through email, you can reach the target audience—customers who are interested in your products.

The initial cost is free until you reach for outsource. Under your product, you can give rewards or discounts. Such things can earn you more customers. Collect emails of keen customers and email them weekly about your products. Offer free trials, demo. E-books and reports.

Make sure to use catchy headlines. Do not write long paragraphs. It bores the readers. Use subheadings and bullets. Keep your sentences short. Make it look readable. Explain the rewards and discounts adequately. And create discussion funnel.

5. Content Marketing

An effective digital marketing strategy to grow your business. 90% of business organizations use content marketing for their business. It gives you more profit than a high paid search. This strategy is cheaper and very effective.

Content marketing also helps for SMO and SEM. Results are long-lasting, but it takes time. Big brands like Hubspot and Buffer use content marketing. Through this, they became quite famous.

It is cheap than other paid ads. Creates buzz for your business. Builds up a trust for your brand. Smartphones cover 50% of all online devices. Thus, content marketing can affect digital marketing.

Treat content as the king. Focus on mobile content, native advertising, and market automation.

6. Landing Page Optimization

digital marketing strategy

Suppose your business has a successful ad campaign. And it receives many audiences vis clicks or SEO. But how do you know the paying customers? You need to turn visitors into paying customers. The next step includes sending visitors a landing page.

Landing Page Optimization is a specific design of converting landing pages into customers. The design is essential. A poor design can lose customers. They might not visit again. Nowadays, LPO depends on Analytics. One single change can bring significant results. Be careful while setting the analytics.

7. Youtube Marketing

Almost every business has its youtube channel. We get to see product reviews, beauty products, gaming consoles, and much more. Youtube is the world’s second popular search engine after Google. It has more than 265 million users.

Many brands use youtube to reach the target audience. It’s even best suited for startup companies. Popular companies like Flipkart, Pepsi, and Hyundai grew their business through Youtube marketing.

8. Influencer Marketing

A popular technique of digital marketing strategy, where no fortune is spent. This whole deal focuses on hiring rather than inbound methods. It is highly cost-effective and customer friendly.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing. Influencers, organizations, and famous people promote the brand—people who are experts in the field of social media. And the ones who influence us.

The customer tends to buy those products, whose brands are advertised by celebrities. An influential person over social media is not only celebrity centric. But also the ones with many followers. We see many eminent people promote specific brands. Just like Salman Khan; a famous Indian actor promotes the Pepsi brand.

You can hire famous people from social media. And ask them to promote your brand. Sometimes these things don’t incur a cost at all. Few celebrities do it for free. In return, you can offer them your free product.

Before everything, do proper research. Check out via hashtags the opinions of people about your industry. If you start with the sports equipment business, then search for those related discussions. Remember that celebrity will demand a high fee in return for promotion. Even a person with fewer followers may also influence well.

9. Viral Marketing

If other strategies are best, then why not viral marketing? If you wish to generate massive traffic and create online buzz, then viral marketing is the best.

Viral marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses social media networks to promote brands. It deals with how a product name is spread from one person to another, just like viral news. Its other name is viral advertising.

Make content so well to make it go viral. Once your content is viral, customers reach you automatically. Uniquely create content, using pictures, graphics, and videos. The marketing plan should be customer-centric.

Take examples from the Dollar Shave club it became viral due to its unique video promotion. Another one is Blendtec. First, think of useful content, then publish it on every social media platform. Wait for it to become viral.

10. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing helps you build large customers and gain fan followers. Reports claim that about 2.4 billion conversations take place based on brands. People often talk about products and their companies. Through these, a product is referred to another.

In referral marketing existing customers become sellers. They promote products through conversations. Customers refer these products to their friends or families. About 65% of business is promoted worldwide through referrals. Two third of the ordinary people purchase a particular product since the other person referred to it.

Recent studies say, 92% of customers believe in personal recommendation. Thus, referral marketing grows your business automatically. People are usually satisfied with it, and they get it for free.

For instance, Facebook uses invite friends option to join Facebook. This helped them to get 2.5 billion active users.

Earlier, Dropbox could not become popular through paid ads. But now it gives more 16 GB of free storage if you recommend it to a friend.

Similarly, Amazon, Paytm, and other brands used this method to gain customers.

11. Contextual Marketing

GDPR makes it difficult to obtain personal data. For this, marketers need to search for other targeting alternatives. This process does not require user data. But deals with content engaged people.

Contextual marketing searches for people who follow specific content. For example, insurance companies know that a new car purchaser will always think of car insurance. So they post their ads on car websites. Customers on car retailer websites go through car insurance ads too.

The industry focuses much on user data. Contextual marketing is a unique digital marketing strategy. If GDPR restricts too much, then contextual targeting is the key.                                                                                                                                              Brands may still want to use personal data. But contextual marketing still uses the void that GDPR created.

12. Responsive Web Design

Almost everyone is a mobile phone user. In the coming years, mobile phones will dominate the industry. Turning your website into a mobile fit can earn you traffic. People no more use laptops all the time. But they stick around their phones 24*7. If your website does not support mobile surfing, then you may lose much traffic.

With the help of responsive programming, your website can fit on all devices—even the smartwatches. Referring to a web designer is recommended. In comparison, an SEO expert can look into RWD. Use AWP a source code which helps in fast loading of mobile web pages.

Responsive web design comes in handy when you post content regularly or have a publishing site.

13. Market Automation

Market Automation is an essential strategy for digital marketing. We should know it in general due to its practical purpose in business. 91% of successful business people claimed automation the reason behind their success. It offers you a vision of past and future marketing.

Market automation refers to software or technologies which are designed for marketing purpose. It helps in effective marketing and automates repetitive tasks.

Look out for the CRM platform with inbuild automation. These two work well with each other. CRM provides you with contacts. Automation marketing checks into a contact list, and helps you integrate marketing in one place rather than from diversified ways.

14. Targeting Specific Generation

Have you thought of a specific generation? The ones between old and recent. They have more exposure to the internet and technology. Born between 1999 to 2016, they now are either graduated ones or students. These people are high social media users than other age groups.

2019 was the year that focused on next-generation customers. Such consumers crave for online shopping. It’s not as simple as targeting younger ones. These generations are the first ones to come in contact with the internet. The Internet was present since their birth.

These consumers are more tech-savvy and less brand conscious. Business startups need to adopt this strategy to please the rising generation.


Digital marketing is effective for both online and local businesses. You can attract huge customers from online. Today’s generation is more social media-centric. Rather than an ad over pamphlets, ads over social media are more effective. It all depends upon how aesthetically you handle it.

These 14 tacts provide you with details on digital marketing strategies. Every strategy requires patience and proper handling. Start to enhance your startup with these strategies. Months of hard work will bear you good fruits. Every startup business becomes successful after hours of real dedication.

Do let us know which strategy you found effective?

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