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Reading fiction: Stimulating reality!

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Reading fiction: Stimulating reality! 1

Books are one of the most important parts of existence; the books we read play a very crucial role in how we see things around us. Books shape us and our perspectives. Fiction or non-fiction, books are important.

So many times I’ve seen people argue over the efficacy of fiction, however, If you ask me, literary works of fiction are not completely apocryphal. It is not fabricated actuality, rather it is authenticity organized and exhibited in a particular manner that makes it easily comprehensible and tactile. Without a shadow of doubt, there are insertions and exclusions penned by authors to exaggerate the sobriety and emotionalise the reality, but the core is, mostly, real and lived.

“In the work of a writer of genius we rediscover our own neglected thoughts.”

Reading fiction: Stimulating reality! 2

Reading fiction feels like journeying into a far-away world, where accountability is none and experiences countless. It brings with it, its own benefits, for instance, flair with language, embellished vocabulary, adorned word-power, knowledge of and introduction to different cultures; and the most important? Empathy! Yes, reading fiction develops a sense of empathy inside us, the capacity to understand, perceive and share the feelings of people around us. Fiction broadens our mind and suffices us to accept the opinions which may not match ours, or the ones just opposite to ours. Books enable us to understand that not everyone sees the world how we see it, and that is okay, diversity is the very essence of life. Reading fiction goes ahead of these advantages. It aids a person in shaping his emotions which, or else, stays nebulous. It gives you the capacity to feel by breaking down into words what you feel or what you have felt at any given point in your life. The happiness of staggering over words or sentences which apprehend your emotions and feelings is unexplainable. Like Emerson once said, “In the work of a writer of genius we rediscover our own neglected thoughts.”

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