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The Real Problems of Being a Very Tall Girl

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What does it mean to be a very tall girl? The constant glances that you get from people, the teasing, and let us not forget those very tall girls are always called giraffes. Not that it should be rubbed off in a wrong way, but being called names just does not feel right.

Yes, the weather is perfect up here. Thanks for asking! People always crack the same joke about how tall you are and how the roof will fall if you grow even an inch longer. You are still the center of attention, also if you do not want to be. You can not hide in the crowd. Oh, you saw an old friend of yours in public and want to avoid him/her? What will you do? Hide in the group? No, that is not possible when you are the tallest in the crowd. Maybe, you will have to approach that person.

You always start getting stretch marks when you are young. Isn’t that annoying? When you are in school, you can barely fit into the bench, and you cannot even cross your legs under the desk. Also, you always have to pay attention whenever you walk into the room, or you will end up bumping your head—always having to stand at the back with boys in every group photo and never be able to stand with your girl’s best friends.

Very Tall Girl
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Introvert and a Tall Girl? Worst Combination Ever!

If you are an introvert and a very tall girl, then you know what we are talking about. Wherever you go, everyone has their eyes on you, and it gets pretty awkward. Even in school, you would be the first person to get noticed by the teachers because you are always “out there.”

Not Being Able to Fit Into Places

A very tall girl is never able to fit into “normal” places. Whenever you go out to shop for new jeans, it always turns out to be Capri pants. Jeans always tend to fit above your ankle. You are never able to provide into bathtubs or even the shower because the showerhead is still shorter than you are.

Airplane seats, car seats, school benches always turn out to be small. Also, your bed is still shorter than you. Half the time, you find your legs hanging at the end of your bed. When you enter a low ceiling room, then it just ends up hitting you in the head.

Not Finding Guys of Your Height

Want to date a guy taller than you? Well, that’s got to be a very challenging task. When you are young, you often hear people telling you that once you grow up, you will find a charming tall guy for yourself. But those dreams shatter like glass when you grow up. When you finally meet a tall guy, he is either taken, or he prefers to date, short girls. Then what do tall girls do? Even after having a crush on a guy, he seems cute, attractive, and hot, but guess what? He is not also near to your height.

Always Being Asked About Your Height

Oh, how tall are you? What’s your height? How are you so tall? If you are a very tall girl, then I am sure you must be asked this question by every new person you meet. I am sure you must be pretty tired of telling everyone how tall you are. Whenever you meet someone new, your height is the first thing they notice. Also, always being asked if you play individual sports because only girls who play games are supposed to be tall, right?

Not Fitting into Clothes

When you think of wearing a pretty dress, and you go out to shop, you realize that all the dresses look extremely short on you. Sizes like XS, S, and M are just not for you no matter how petite you are. You always have to go one or two sizes up to, and even they do not tend to fit you perfectly. When you see a full-sleeved shirt and instantly fall in love with it but it does not love you back because it is never full-sleeved for you.

Not Being Able to Wear Heels

If you are a very tall girl, then you know that you just cannot wear heels or people just won’t let you. It is always a struggle because people keep telling you constantly that there is no need to wear heels because you are already so tall. After having that guilt trip, you just feel that it is a better option to wear flats or sandals. You just end up giving up the idea of wearing those fancy heels.

Speaking of footwear, you can never find it in your size. Perfect shoes, sandals, flats? Can’t relate. You may just end up buying men’s footwear because women’s section never has shoes of your size.

Having Short Friends

Who knew that having short friends could be a problem? Well, for very tall girls it is a problem. Whenever you are together, short girls always ask you to drop things off the shelf because they cannot do that, considering that they are very “short” and can’t reach the ledge. You are also never able to share clothes with your short friends because it just does not fit you. However, your quick friends can borrow your shirt and wear it as their dress.

Your short friends keep asking you to take pictures and when it is that time of taking pictures together? Your face is entirely out of the frame. You are always the one taking selfies because whenever they make one, you still have to bend down in an awkward position. Your short friends keep going on new dates, but then there you are, looking for a guy that is near to your height but cannot find any.

Looking Older than Your Age

There’s this massive problem that very tall girls face, and that is the fact that they always look older than their age. If you are a teenager, you look like you are in your twenties or thirties. You post pictures with your friends and end up looking like their mother. While short girls look younger than their age and more youthful, you just look older than you are.

Let us not forget that being tall also means that you always weigh more than usual.

Always Standing at the Back

Whether it is a group photograph or school assembly, tall girls are always asked to stand at the back because people believe that because of them, they are not visible. It gets highly annoying for very tall girls because they always stand at the end like a bodyguard.

Speaking of standing, long-standing hours make your whole body ache because your body is not able to handle your height.

Feeling Guilty about Sitting in Front

Being a very tall girl, you must always be feeling guilty about sitting in front of people during a function or a movie theatre. People would always tell you to sit at the back because you are “blocking their view.” So they would still force you to sit at the end, or you do it yourself out of sheer guilt.

So, being a very tall girl is quite difficult because people keep asking or telling you about it. They would always ask you about your height, and when you finally tell them about it, they would get shocked. Going on dates is painful, sitting on an airplane seat or car seat is a struggle.

You do not even get to be in places that you like because the amusement parks have seats that are too small. You cannot fit into your favorite clothes because they are too short for you. No shirt is full-sleeved, or no jeans are ankle length. On top of all that, you always look older than your age.

These were the problems faced by a very tall girl, but there are a lot of advantages too. You get complimented all the time for how tall you are. Wherever you go, you are bound to get attention from a lot of people. In a concert, you can see your favorite artists brighter and better. Dresses look sexy on you, and you can pull off almost everything that you wear. Do you want to look taller instantly? Click here.

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The reason why very tall girls get to do modeling is that anything looks perfect on them. There are a lot of perks of being a very tall girl.

Being a very tall girl does have its problems, but so does being short, fat and thin do. It is all about how you present yourself to the world. If you feel confident in your skin, then there is nothing that can hold you back.

Do you relate to being a very tall girl and facing similar problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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