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10 Insane Reasons Why Do Tall Girls Wear Heels

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Why do tall girls wear heels? This is the most recurrent question every tall girl is sick of hearing, isn’t that true tall ladies? 

People, intelligibly, think women wear high heels to be lofty, but they are sorely belittling the mental minefield that it is to be a lady. 

I believe, for some ladies, including the tall ones, wearing heels makes them look and feel voguish. There is something about wearing heels that elevates the outfit and gives an outfit that extra oomph; this is possibly why do tall girls wear heels.

stylish heels why do tall girls wear heels
Nick Karvounis

Source: Unsplash.com

A tall girl doesn’t become obscure in flat shoes. Tall is tall, so why not carry oneself proudly with an excellent deportment and prance like a runway model in heels if possible? 

Real runway models tend to be quite tall, so young ladies six feet and taller are comfortably in that range; how cool is that?

A tall young lady gracefully turning her head and projecting self-confidence is a desirable trait to other confident and accomplished people. 

These days more and more tall girls wear heels and carry themselves proudly and beautifully, inconsequentially ignoring all the barriers with it.

I opine neither your age nor your weight; neither the height of your heel nor the size of your foot should be a barrier for you to be who you want to be. 

Despite this, ladies always have an ambivalence attitude for the heels. It hurts, but it’s the love of their life.

Your pair of stiletto’s make an illusion of height, and they often look damn sexy. But they can be painful, and if a woman has subdued that and can comfortably walk in heels, why shouldn’t she? 

why do tall girls wear heels
Cleo Vermij

Source: Unsplash.com

However, your significant priority while investing in a pair of heels should be to buy a comfortable pair. Because if you invest in a team that isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to feel that power, that confidence, and that vibe of the heels.

High heels reflect the character of a woman and bestow legs a definition. Walking in High heels is not a child’s play; it takes a lot to be able to walk assertively in heels.

It also makes a woman’s gait sexier as it forces her to walk slower, thus making the sway of the hips more conspicuous.

Most importantly, the reason why do tall girls wear heels is because they can. So why not? 

Wherefore Women Wear High Heels? The question seems to imply that the chief inducement for wearing high heels is to gain height. And that is certainly not true for everyone, especially for the tall girls. So let us comprehend the reasons ‘Why Do Tall Girls Wear Heels?’.

1. Women Wearing Heels Feel Much Confident Than With Flats

This is the most significant reason why do tall girls wear heels. Heels are the hot spot of any outfit, which means they require some confidence to wear.

You are drawn to heels because of the way they make you look and feel, but the aftermath can be too much for some to bear if you fumble with the choice of heels. Be particular with the selection of your heels.

2. Ladies Feel More Emancipated and Powerful Wearing Heels

You will be astounded to know that heels were initially meant for men. Also, originally, long back, men were treated as the powerful and empowered person of the family(though this is still valid for many). In contrast, women were treated as weak and fragile or one who was supposed to stay behind the doors and veils.

So, the first woman to slip into heels was indeed trying to masculine and dominant, maybe.

Wearing high heels coerce you to stand up straighter and thus make women feel more powerful and in command. Hence, ceasing us at another reason why do tall girls wear heels.

Powerful women wearing heels
Melody Jacob

Source: Unsplash.com

3. Simply Because No Reasons, They Are Just Crazy About The Heels

Some things certainly don’t need any reason because you love them with no justification, heels being one of them. 

4. Heels Make Them Feel More Feminine

High heels being the most captivating element of an outfit, can make you seem reasonably feminine than flat boots. Perhaps that is why do tall girls wear heels. 

feminine feel with heels
Khaled Ghareeb

Source: Unsplash.com

High heels creating a dis-balance in the body posture, forces ladies to move their hips. By moving their hips, whether shrewd or exaggerated, it evokes the women that they are women.

Additionally, heels make you look more sophisticated and professional for the work.

5. For Fashion Reasons

Some clothes aptly look gorgeous with your pumps like made for one another; this look isn’t the same with the flats. The heels you wear has the power to uplift your outfit instantly. This justifies why mostly all the red carpet appearances are in high heels.

For example, if I’m wearing a smart suit for work, I would nevermore go for flats; instead will always opt for heels.

Formal wear heels
Raphael Nast

Source: Unsplash.com

Heels have the potential to add a fashionable touch to a more casual look, no matter what kind of heel you opt. Unless and until its the right pair for your feet, the right pair will bring easement to your feet, body, and your appearance.

fashion reason why do tall girls wear heels

Source: Unsplash.com

6. For Dress Code Reasons

Other reasons behind why do tall girls wear heels would be to look professional. Kitten heels can add a sophisticated look to your outfit for your interviews, your professional meetings, and whatnot.

kitten heels
Seif Eddin Khayat

Source: Unsplash.com

Wearing heels for an interview or an important meeting would take your confidence to the next level, which is excellent for you.

Barring you must always feel tranquil wearing them, then only you will be able to shine bright.

dress code reason why do tall girls wear heels
Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong

Source: Unsplash.com

Another reason has to do with the occasion; most formal and semi-formal events require proper shoes, and flats don’t always convey the right amount of formality.

7. Women Find Them Comfortable

It’s not like that you never noticed that you look like a giraffe among your short friends, but if you are comfortable wearing your heels, then no one should bother you for that. 

tall girl
Jenna Anderson

Source: Unsplash.com

Whether it is your teen or fifties, whether you are 6 feet or 4 feet, it should not make you mindful about what height of heel you carry. Furthermore, high heels make your gait in a poised mien.

They are hence concluding another reason why do tall girls wear heels.

8. They Like The Shoe; The Heel is Attached To

Every lady out there has felt this vibe at least once in their surge.

You saw a pair of shoes, and you sorely start to like them all together, you don’t care about the heel or anything, you legitimately wear high heeled shoes. 

Also, from my experience, the platform heeled shoes are way too comfy to wear because of the rubber sole maybe.

heeled shoes
Allyson Johnson

9. High Heels Make Your Calves Look Better and More Toned

One of the aspects people tend to like about stilettos is the fact that they make their legs look toned (and it is a little wonder, considering the muscles are verily flexed).

Walking in high heels works your leg muscles and lessen the fat from the calves. As wearing heels shifts the center of gravity from the middle to the toes, the back of the muscle, the calf muscle, actually tends to shorten while the muscles in the front of the legs stretch.
Hence wearing high heels make your legs and your calves seem much toned.


toned calves wearing heels
Carmine Furletti

Source: Unsplash.com

What actually happens when you put on your high heels is that your feet are raised off the ground, which makes your body push forward.

Primarily, the front part of your body is trying to fall forward, and you are trying to pull it backward by keeping yourself upright. It’s a constant battle. Which ends up making your posture erect and strut.

10. Some May Wear Them Because They Want To Look Taller 

High heels are not always for height, though it doesn’t hurt.

A good writer would practice writing even better, and a good musician likes to sing or play an instrument with even more skills. So I see no disgrace in a tall woman wanting to look even taller. Because WHY NOT?

You can never have enough of something good. This maybe is another reason why do tall girls wear heels. 

Tall girls aren’t tall to offend somebody else. Why should you worry if your heels make you even taller? It shouldn’t bother anybody.

You wear them because you like the way they make you feel confident and attractive. You might feel like a boss.

feeling like a boss wearing high heels
Melody Jacob

Source: Unsplash.com

But wearing pencil heels and standing on your toes for a more extended period and a daily basis is incredibly harmful to your body. 

It would be best if you are smart enough to choose a pair of heels that exhibits a sense of restfulness. 

comfortable heels
laura chouette

Never go for stilettos or pencil heel kind of heels when you have to wear them for a more extended period and regularly. Regularly, you should always invest in platform heels, block heels, or wedges with short to medium height.

block heeled boots on tall lady
Jean Luc Catarin

Source: Unsplash.com

Apart from this, to avoid serious illness in your feet, knees, and your body, focus on exercising the legs to ensure the proper blood flow.

Wear heels whenever and wherever you damn want to be. Although always be smart enough while buying for the same.


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  1. Interesting blog and being a reasonably tall guy 6’3” in a relationship with a beautiful woman who
    is 6’2” ( I think she’s a bit taller), however she always wears either a 4”or6” heel and to think there is a noticeable difference anyway with her
    killer legs and shoe size 10N and naturally gorgeous ankles and feet, who wouldn’t want this gorgeous goddess towering over him, I do
    and she knows it,


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