Reasons To Play Pokémon Go

Reasons To Play Pokémon Go 1

The Pokémon Go App has become more popular than any other smartphone app ever. People have grown up watching Ash catch Pokémons and playing Pokémon card games. Now that they have an app which lets people catch Pokémons in real life, they are obviously going crazy! The game lets people walk around in their neighbourhood and catch Pokémons. It’s a location-based augmented reality game. These Pokémons can appear almost everywhere- on top of tress, heads of people. The game is extremely amusing and addictive.


For those who have grown up watching Pokémon, it’s a dream come true. This does not mean that person who have never watched Pokémon cannot play it. It’s easy to learn and can make one really happy. The greatest thing about Pokémon Go is that it makes people walk around and explore their surroundings. Most of the games do not enable us to move from our chair and hence can be unhealthy. Pokémon Go gives us an excuse to go outside, find new places and enjoy the sun.


Popular Culture helps us socialise. Pokémon Go is not just for kids or for adults. It’s for everyone. People from all stages of life get to bond over this game. You might just bump into someone who is staring at their screen too, playing Pokémon Go, and totally hit it off.


Catching a Pokémon might just be the best thing you would do in some days, and it sure does cheer you up. This game can give one a break from their mundane daily routine.

While this game is fun, there are a few things one needs to be careful of. One needs to make sure they do not get addicted to this game. While one can download the app for free, it uses up the internet data and can exhaust your data pack real fast. The game uses the GPS and camera of the phone and hence can drain your battery. One also needs to make sure that they do not bump into a wall or trip while playing the game as it requires one’s full attention.

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