5 Reasons Why Modi Is the Bachelor God of India

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5 Reasons Why Modi Is the Bachelor God of India 1

Ever since Mr.Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India, he has always been in the news. The ‘Modi Wave’ never seems to end with media. The Prime Minister’s frequent visits to foreign countries have made him a global political icon. It is a fact that Modi has visited over 30 countries since taking the Throne at the center. And let’s see this in this perspective when we travel to other countries or anywhere, alone or friends, do we just do sightseeing or little more? We all bachelors have our bachelor trip secrets. In the same way, though Modi is married, he lives a Bachelor life. And our Prime Minister has led his way at many times exactly in the same how a Bachelor would do it. Here’s why:

He does what he wants, irrespective of the situation: 

407934-pti-narendra-modi-walking-in-moscow-when-national-anthemHe does what he wants you to see. Earlier Modi pushed Mark Zuckerberg aside to pose for a photo. And recently in Moscow, as the national anthem was playing Modi kept on walking without realizing it. Remember, in your school days when you forgot to stand at attention during the national anthem, and your friend had to remind you?

Never stays in the house when there is a problem:

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If there is going to be an issue in the house and we are aware of it in advance, do we go home on time or do we stay around there for long? In the same way, there are times not always when Modi was not present in the parliamentary house or available for comments regarding major problems due to his jam-packed travel schedule. For example, Dadri Lynching. It was only after long time Modi made his comment on that issue.

Always stays connected with social media:

Modi-Twitter Always updates about his meetings and visits in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites just like how each and every one of us does. And he never shies away from putting posts, he is always prompt to take photographs and posts them into account. And who knows, he might he even check the number of likes he gets as well 😛 ( And yes, he has a team to handle his accounts, but there are times where he has updated himself not always.)


Modi knows exactly how to balance both work and fun:

TOI(6) While returning from his recent trip to Russia, Modi went to Pakistan without any prior plans because he had called his counterpart in Pakistan to wish him on his birthday and he had invited him to his house. Our Prime Minister accepts the invitation immediately and drops by in on his return to India. I mean isn’t that cool? Just like how we students drop by our friends place for Pizzas or anything in the name of group study or college 😛

Modi is always a big fan of selfies:

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He never fails to spot a camera and always manages to be in the right position for the photos. And he is a big fan selfie, always up for taking selfies with the people he meets and shares them. Remember the last time you went out with your gang of friends and didn’t take a selfie?


Well, jokes apart, Modi is the true Bachelor God of this country. Starting his life as a Chai wala, his journey to become the most famous man in the country is fabulous. Quitting his married life to find the purpose his life and then following his passion and achieving it is an incredible job. We youngsters need to take inspiration from this man to follow our dreams and reach it with persistence as well as serve our country at every possible opportunity. 🙂


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