10 Reasons Why Watching TV is a Waste of Time

10 Reasons Why Watching TV is a Waste of Time 1

teleTV has become a favourite past time of almost everyone regardless of the age of the person. It has begun to rule our lives and dictate our daily routines. We have become more sensitive towards the imaginary characters as compared to the people around us.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we have forgotten to live our lives (Sitting on a couch while watching tv is definitely not a life lived well!).

Research has proven time and again why watching tv too much is really bad!

  1. Watching TV Hampers creativity

6907116552_858457f33e_oWatching television hampers creativity. Although, TV is the most popular source of entertainment, it leaves nothing to our imagination. Our brains become captives of the idiot box and do not think anything beyond that.


  1. Watching TV is a Catalyst for unhealthy lives

me_watching_tv_by_shadowfear92-d3hz9u5Television shows make us insomniac as we are compelled to stick to the TV screen until the show(s) gets over. It also gives rise to obesity as we continue to sit in a place for long hours and do nothing.


  1. Watching TV Incubates laziness

consumer-society-386661_960_720Too much of television makes us couch potatoes. The precious time that can be spent indulging in your hobbies or doing something productive such as reading a book, going for a walk, meeting a friend, writing a blog, drawing etc. is wasted on watching useless stuff.


  1. TV schedule rules our lives

When we become addicted to television, our lives begin to revolve around TV schedule. We stop all our work for a particular time for a certain show(s). Don’t you think it should be other way round? We should watch shows when we have free time and not be dictated by the timings of a show.


  1. Watching TV Leads TO Pointless discussions

Wikimedians_discussing_on_July_5_evening_meet-up_1The harmful effects of TV are not only limited to the time that we spend sitting in front of the goggle box. The thoughts about what happened to a certain someone or what story would the next episode unfold keep striking our minds like a hammer and we discuss the same things with our friends who watch the same shows. The time that can be spent on discussing ideas or the important events of a real world is wasted in talking about problems of hypothetical people living in a hypothetical world.


  1. Unsatisfactory life

pair-707502_960_720We are so enthralled by the happening and cool lives of the television characters that without even realizing it we begin to expect the same from our lives. The difference between the real and the unreal becomes blurred. When our expectations are not met, we are unsatisfied and disappointed which affects our relationships with REAL people who find it hard to compete with the “ideal” characters of our favourite shows.


  1. Real life goes astray

While we want our lives to be as eventful and happening as the one shown in the TV shows, we refuse to do anything about it. Nothing good is going to come our way if we continue to sit like an idiot watching television rather than meeting new people exploring life. Television is not a substitute for a boring life. So, give your couch and that idiot box a rest and make life happen to you.


  1. TV commercials

Garry_Moore_Tony_the_Tiger_1955It’s impossible to get rid of TV commercials popping now and then between the shows. They not only make us feel irritated but they also give us a sense of inadequacy in our lives. They make us buy stuff we don’t even need and thus, making us spend unnecessarily.


  1. Tick-tock, tick-tock

464795742_1d32cb0620_bTV makes us lose track of not only reality but also time. We often watch TV more than the intended duration of time and hence, messes with our priorities. It is high time that we switch off our television sets and do some “time check” along with “reality check”.


  1. Think about it!

live-461731_960_720If you watch 6 hours of television every day, then you’re spending 2,190 hours in a year doing nothing. Therefore, if we assume the life expectancy to be 70 years, 153,300 hours i.e. around 6,388 days or 11 years of your life are wasted in watching television  If you spend that time doing something productive, just imagine how you’re life would turn out to be!



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