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5 Reasons Why Starting with Guitar Is Difficult

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According to many surveys conducted online, the guitar has been declared the most popular hobby among teenagers. This instrument has attracted people since it saw the dawn of light. Every third teenager wants to learn guitar, or he is already a guitar player. Those people who want to learn this delicate instrument need to know that it is not as easy as it looks when you see your favorite guitar player running his hands on the guitar so smoothly and effortlessly, “playing” with the beauty.

People start to learn this with spirited enthusiasm, but once they realize how difficult it is to master the guitar, they eventually give up.

5 reasons why it isn’t easy, to begin with:

1. Initial pain in the fingers

Pain in the fingers
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The next time you meet a guitar player, notice the tips of his fingers. Touch them and then touch yours; you will realize that their skin is tight and hard. This is because of the amount of practice that these guys have put into learning that instrument. It just takes time to get like that, and it does not happen overnight. So your hands will have to bear a lot of pain initially.

2. Burden of stuff

There is a lot of pressure in the mind of a beginner guitar player because there is plenty of stuff to learn in the coming time. So many people find it difficult to start by seeing the number of theories, chord charts, scales, shapes, and techniques that they will have to learn to become a pro at playing the guitar. When you watch your favorite guitar player live, you realize that you are far behind becoming like them.

3. Expensive in monetary terms                                                                            

Guitars are available in varying ranges. You can get a guitar even at 200 bucks; if you don’t believe me, then visit the chor bazaar of Mumbai, you will know the truth. But I am talking about good guitars, guitars that are promising for a beginner. They range somewhere between 10k and 30k. I would definitely not recommend any beginner guitar player to buy an expensive guitar that costs 2-3 lacs, or even 80k-90k because initially, you are only starting with it. Buy those heavily expensive guitars when you have been titled as a pro at it by your guitar instructor.

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4. Game of patience

Some hobbies are all about the game of patience, and you must maintain and keep your patience in check while learning any skill; you will not get it within the first few weeks, or even months; it takes time, a lot of it. The difference between a beginner and a master is, the master has not given up even after losing several times. So ‘having patience’ is one of the top rules for learning guitar, which is hard to be followed.

5. Guitar instructor’s fee

Your guitar learning may cost you because you will have to pay a certain amount of fees to your highly qualified guitar instructor. For their qualification, they charge you a heavy amount of fee which is not wrong at all. I am sure they have spent a lot themselves in the process of learning and mastering the guitar. They deserve to be paid for their investments, not only for the money but also for their patience, perseverance, and dedication towards the instrument.

If you want to become a kick-ass guitar player, then begin today. Overcome all these barriers and be the best at what you do without letting fear drag you down. All the best and cheers!

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