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Sedona Hiking Trails: 10 Amazing Places!

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Sedona Hiking Trails are filled with amusement and out of the world feelings. Being one of the known spiritual centers of Arizona, Sedona Hiking Trails are worth the exploration!

Sedona is a popular deserted place located in Arizona. The red and orange landscape of the area has a spell bounding views to offer to the visitors.

The Sedona vortex is known for its spiritual healing energies that have attracted people from around the world. The energies present in the region leaves a different impact on people.

There are few Sedona Hiking Trails that needs to be explored because of the amazing views and energies demands to be experienced.

Sedona Hiking Trails: 10 Amazing Places

1. Cathedral Rock

Sedona hiking trails

Located on the south side of Sedona, near Oak Creek Canyon, Cathedral Rock is 0.7 miles of a long hiking trail. It is easily accessible from the highway and offers one of the most stunning views during the hike.

Although the hike has a shorter distance because of its high elevation walking the path requires some strength. The cliff takes you to a height of 600 feet in a short time and distance.

Because of the strenuous hike, not a lot of people can complete the hike by reaching the top. This is one of the Sedona hiking trails suggested for younger people.

On the scale of difficulty level, the courthouse butte loop has the maximum level of difficulty, and it’s advised to remain fully cautious.

2. Fay canyon

Fay Canyon is one of the best Sedona hiking trails present in Arizona. The trail has a length of one mile, and within this distance, you can reach an altitude of 250 feet.

Being of the easy Sedona hiking trails, it always remains busy as people of all age groups visit Fay Canyon. The main attraction here is the Fay Canyon Arch, which has over a hundred feet of the span, and it appears quite dramatic.

The hiking trail offers some amazing red rock scenes. Being a tree-covered trail, the shadows provide great relief to the visitors.

The Sedona Hiking trails end at a beautiful site of canyon walls and towering rocks from every side, and there is a board that marks the end.

3. Devils Bridge Trail

Sedona hiking trails

Devils Bridge is one of the most frequently visited Sedona hiking trails, and the difficulty level is easy to moderate, and anyone can try it.

The whole trail is around four miles long, and it leads to an amazing arch-shaped rock formation that looks like a bridge. The arch looks delicate, but you can walk on it with ease.

Because of the lower difficulty levels and good condition of the path, this Sedona Hiking Trail is a good option to go for ATVs and mountain biking experience.

The first half of the trail is wider, which allows jeep on the pathway, and the second half of the trail is steeper, which requires climbing and hiking.

4. Airport Mesa

The airport loop trail is located in West Sedona. This hiking trail of Sedona has a length of over three miles and has an elevation of two hundred feet.

Airport Mesa is a popular spot known for being one of the powerful energy vortexes. The trail offers great views of the area, but it becomes difficult to explore because of the lack of trees on the trail.

It is suggested to explore the Airport mesa trail during winters. Being an active energy vortex, you can change thoughts or experience different feelings as you reach the energy centers.

It is located nearby the airport and hence the name airport mesa trail. The whole exploration will take around 2 hours, which makes it a good in-between destination to explore when traveling through a connecting flight.

5. Soldier Pass trail

Sedona hiking trails

Soldiers Pass is one of the most amusing Sedona hiking trails because lots of major attractions are present on this trail. The Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places on the trail.

Another destination is the seven sacred pools that have water present in it, depending on the season. The seven sacred pools is an important religious site for the indigenous people.

The length of the hike is over four miles, including both ways length. Because of its length, the trails do not attract a lot of visitors. The elevation that you will gain on this trail is over six hundred feet.

The parking lot of Soldiers Pass is quite small, so if you are planning to explore this trail, try to reach early. The length is quite long, but the views are rewarding and worth the pain.

6. West Fork Trail

West fork trail is one of the best Sedona hiking trails of Arizona County. The round trip of the trail has a distance of six miles.

The whole trail is full of surprises as several stepping stones and logs present on the pathway. The end of the trail is quite rewarding as there is a pool present in between the rocky areas.

While the exploration of Sedona hiking trails is made during winters, you can visit the west fork trail during summers for escaping the heat. The trail is quite popular as it requires hiking in the shades, with pleasant views.

It is advisable to bring rain boots or waterproof shoes, as you need to cross small rivers on the stones. It would be best to visit this Sedona hiking trail by the end of the summer season.

7. Boynton Canyon

Sedona hiking trails

Boynton Canyon is one of the popular Red rock country vortexes. These Sedona hiking trails have similar features as of West fork. On a round trip, you will cover a distance of over six miles.

The trail is easy to cover, which makes it a popular choice for every age group of people. The elevation that the trail reaches is not much high as it remains at two hundred feet.

You can start your trail from the parking area, and there are chances that you may spot some wildlife on the way. The serene beauty of the Arizonian forest can be explored from Boynton Canyon.

Around the trail, you can experience some energy as it lies around the energy centers. The hike doesn’t have shades, so come prepared with the necessary items.

8. Bell Rock

Bell Rock is another best Sedona hiking trails as it offers great views of the Bell rocks. The trail is only over three miles long in a round trip, which is a normal distance for hiking.

The elevation that you are likely to gain in this one mile of the journey is over seven hundred feet. The elevation makes the trail a moderately difficult one.

People of all ages can do the hike, but there are some challenges on the way were jumping and climbing may be required.

You can even hike on the top of the bell rock formations, but the difficulty level is quite high here. Despite the difficulty level, this trail is one of the best places for mountain biking experience.

9. Bear Mountain Trail

Sedona hiking trails

Bear Mountain trail is one of the challenging hikes of Sedona, Arizona. While the other hikes seemed moderate to easy, this is the trail that can put on a test.

The round trip on the trail is somewhere over four miles long, but the elevation you will gain here is whopping two thousand feet!

Only if you are an expert hiker or has the capability of climbing such heights, Bear Mountain should be on your list for your personal achievements.

Because of the high elevations, it is not recommended for all age groups. The views from the top are mesmerizing, as you can see snow-laden peaks of San Francisco and other Sedona attractions as well.

10. Doe Mountain Trail

This is one of the shortest Sedona hiking trails, as the round-trip distance is only over a mile. The trail takes you to the top of the Doe Mountains.

There are high chances of spotting wildlife on the top of the mountain. Despite being a popular hike, the place offers solitude, as it doesn’t take much time to cover the trail, and it remains less crowded.

While on top, you can embrace the views of Fay Canyon, courthouse butte, and bear mountains. The total elevation that you are likely to gain will be four hundred feet.

These were the top 10 best trails that are present in Sedona, Arizona. You need to make the selection of the trails based on your age and difficulty level.

If you are a total beginner, then opting for shorter distances Sedona hiking trails, like Doe Mountain Trail and Cathedral rock trail, is the best option for you.

For the moderate level of hiking experience, there are several options present for you. But for the experts, the Bear Mountain trail is the best suggestion.

Always have the personal kit ready because Arizona’s heat is quite popular, and the trails are sunny most of the time. Stay hydrated and bring sunblock if possible.

Few Sedona hiking trails offer ATV rides and mountain bikes as well, but you need to be extra cautious with these things as the elevation is quite high in all the trails.

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