To quench the thirst of the voyager in you, Let us set forth to discover the best coves in Mallorca!

Imagine, the wonderous sunbeam lighting up your skin like the rarest of diamonds.

Or the beautiful sunset enchanting your eyelids and you are happy.

You are content and you have your family by your side to behold it all.

Truly, beach getaways offer the best experiences and make up the most magical stories to be retold.

Best Coves in Mallorca
Image by Fabian Schneidereit / unsplash copyright 2021

The Beautiful Land of Mallorca

A Balearic Islands in Spain, Mallorca, is well known for its sheltered coves, beach resorts, Moorish and Roman ruins, and limestone mountains.

The capital city of Palma has the Almudaina (Moorish) Royal Palace, Nightlife, and the infamous Santa Maria Cathedral which dates back to the commencement of the 13th Century.

Villages on the island of Pollença are dotted with Stone huts, art galleries, and unmatched music fests.

Another attraction is Fornalutx, a hillside hamlet, surrounded by the sweet scent of citrus plantations and rows of pine trees.

Discovering the 8 Best Coves in Mallorca

Mallorca or more famously, Majorca offers one of the best magical nooks and crannies of the alluring Mediterranean. The turquoise waves of the sea are a beauty to behold.

The island of Mallorca is one of the most famous Paradise spots in Spain.

Mallorca is widely renowned for its numerous hidden Coves, some known, and some only the locals can help you discover!

To lend you an aiding arm, we have enlisted a blend of both the known and unknown sheathed coves in Mallorca to discover on your next voyage!

1. Cala Mondragó

Best Coves in Mallorca
Image by Luca Cassani / unsplash copyright 2020

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the southern hemisphere of the Balearic islands of Mallorca.

Cala Mondrag√≥ is only 10 kilometers away from the holiday destination resort of Cala d’Or and the downtown area of the town of Santany√≠. The beach gets crowded in the summer months, however, it stays relatively quiet and clean in the other months.

Cala Mondrag√≥ is more famously known as Cal√≥ de sa font de n’ Alis. One of the best Coves in Mallorca, this cove beach is 75 kilometers wide and nuzzled between two outcroppings.

Cala Mondragó is one of the best Blue Flag Coves in Mallorca, because of receiving the title of a natural park in the year 1992. The move was aimed at protecting the natural resources of the land from mass tourism and heavy industrialization. Summer months see a lot of footfall in this Mallorcan beach, though it stays clean and comparatively low-key at other times.

The best part would definitely be the beachgoers respecting and caring for its eco-responsibility and natural flora.

The island is beautifully decorated with desert shrubs and pine trees.

  • Hotels near Cala Mondrag√≥

Cala Mondragó has 2 astounding restaurants with a beachfront view on this cove. Furthermore, to relish the savory flavors of Mallorcan Cuisine, 2 beach bars are present on the Balearic Island.

  • Things to do in Cala Mondrag√≥

Mondragó natural park surrounds Cala Mondragó. Several Lounge rentals can be availed at the sandy beach. If you want, you can go snorkeling or hire a paddleboat and explore the turquoise sea.

Cycling and hiking facilities are available. Moreover, the area is wheelchair-friendly. The village of Santany√≠ is a must-visit. The lively Sunday markets offer a variety of delicious dishes to quench your appetite. Another attraction is the Cala beaches, coupled with white sand and lively sea at Cala d’Or.

2. Cala Varques

Best Coves in Mallorca
Image by Stefan Kunze / unsplash copyright 2015

Cala Varqués is one of the most spectacular low-key and calm beaches in the entirety of the island, and one of the best Coves in Mallorca.

The crystal clear waters of Cala Varques is one of the most beautiful sheathed coves in Mallorca. Undoubtedly, it is a popular favorite among tourists from all over the globe.

The beach is secluded from the common eye and is 90 meters in length. Velvety white sand surrounds the island, with a deep blue sea encompassing the area.

There is, however, a lack of dining facilities. Hence it is advised to bring your own meals and beverages.

  • Hotels near Cala Varques

No hotel or restaurant facilities are present on the sandy beaches of Cala Varques. The closest accommodation facilities can be availed at Porto Cristo or Porto Colom.

Cristo offers a range of luxury rentals to spend your holidays in.

  • Things to do in Cala Varques

Famous amongst couples, it stands out for its calming natural beauty and breezy charm.

Snorkeling, relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming are popular choices among tourists when it comes to Cala Varques. Several vendors can be seen selling fresh minty beverages. The rocky hillocks offer the best view from the top.

3. Cala Mesquida

A wide stretch of Balearic beach, Cala Mesquida is nuzzled at the heart of dunes and pine shrubs in the Northeastern Mallorcan Coast.

The Mesquidan beach is 350m long and is filled with fine sand grain. It can be accessed easily via car. The beachfront comes equipped with a car park zone.

Buses run through the day, from Capdepera and Art√°. This cove beach offers many luxurious hotels to stay in.

Best Coves in Mallorca
Image by John McFetridge / Unsplash copyright 2021
  • Hotels near Cala Mesquida

The beach has a snack station and a large restaurant to serve a large number of tourists at once. Light and savory Beach cuisine are served. Specialties of this restaurant, however, are the classic Spanish meals ranging from Pa Amb Oli to tortillas.

Mesquida is famous for its self-serving and budget-friendly hotels. These are small, study buildings divided by paved gravel roads. Some have their own lounge areas and swimming pools.

  • Things to do in Cala Mesquida

A popular sport is Surfing. Paddleboat and snorkeling facilities are also available. The place also offers driving tours for tourists to enjoy.

Another famous attraction is the Capdepera Castle, situated in Capdepera, the closest historical town to Mesquida.

4. Cala Petita

Best Coves in Mallorca
Image by Tobias / Unsplash copyright 2021

The name Cala Petita translates to ‚Äúsmall cove‚ÄĚ in English. Port Cristo is the closest resort to Cala Petita. It is one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

An inlet, known as “horseshoe” can be seen while entering the beautiful terrain of this cove beach. The place is named so, because of its shape.

5. Cala Torta

Cala Torta can be easily traced following a hiking trail from the adjacent Mesquida.

The sandy trails at Cala Torta are 105 meters wide and are surrounded by 2 rocky mountains. High waves are often seen at the beach as a result of gusty northeast zephyr.

  • Hotels in Cala Torta

The Torta Beach bar is designed on the model of a typical Spanish Chiringuito. A wooden shack is there, coupled with cooking facilities like a grill, and a lot more. Freshly caught sardines and other marine fishes are the all-time favorites among visitors.

Some non-alcoholic beverages are served to compliment the smokey grilled goodness.

  • Things to do in Cala Torta

Tourists adore hiking along the ridges of this cove beach. Snorkeling and swimming are loved by tourists and locals alike.

Below are 3 lesser-known Calas in Mallorca you should not miss!

6. Caló des Moro

Situated in the southern province of the sheathed island, Caló des Moro homes the tranquil blue lagoon. Lofty cliffs border the place on either side. Moro contains lush greenery and rocky mountains, the color palette is stunning.

A few minutes’ worths of walking distance from Santany√≠, this cove beach is a wonder in itself. As a result of a huge influx of visitors, it is recommended to set forth a little early to secure the perfect spot on the sandy dunes of Moro.

7. Cala Llombards

Steps away from Santanyi, Cala Llombards is a perennial favorite of Mallorcans. The cove is similar to Moro but can be traced easily unlike the remote Moro cove. The beach is less crowded and peaceful. The beach also provides a snack shack that serves mouthwatering cocktails. Furthermore, It is a great place for cliff-jumping.

8. Cala Murta

This cove falls on the way to Formentor. 10 minutes before reaching Formentor, there is a narrow footpath leading to Cala Murta. The cove is sheathed with stones and has mesmerizing crystal clear waves latching on its shores. Donkeys and wild goats can often be spotted trekking down the paths.

Bon Voyage

If you have ever stepped on the beaches of Mallorca, you know the reasons for coming back. A small trip to Mallorca is sure to leave a great impact on your mind and body. The lull of nature and the harmonious waves will wash away all of your worries and stress. The calmness of the hidden Coves provides the perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with your family and loved ones.

Mallorca is known for its beautiful hidden coves like Sa Calobra, Cala Murta, and many more. There are differing opinions regarding the title of the best Coves in Mallorca, for, as they say, “to each their own”.

So, to make your vacation top-notch, we have surmised a list of our favorite Mallorcan coves. If you liked this compilation, do give an explore to our other content.

Are there any more Calas you want us to visit, please let us know in the comments!

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