Saturday, July 31, 2021

Poetry: I See It All

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A short poetic piece romanticizing a mundane rainy evening – the power’s gone, and the TV won’t work. Drowsily waking up from my slumber, I sit by the window sill.  The events that follow are captured in this short composition.

Poetry: I See It All 1
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Crouched in front of my window, I see it all

The alleyway plunged into darkness

The only source of light, a flickering bulb

Shining with all its might, casting a dim light

An utterly drenched man returning home in hurried steps

I see it all.


The rain pouring down in torrents.

An ancient ivory ambassador makes its way through the narrow street

Its headlight broken, the rumbling engine giving life to the deserted region

I see it all.

The rain now relegated to a drizzle

A couple huddled under an umbrella

I see their cold lips touch

They kiss; sparks fly

Rain – it somehow evokes the deepest desires of my heart and mind.

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