Shimmer of the Blue Pearl City- Nainital

Shimmer of the Blue Pearl City- Nainital 1

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The breezy current of air, the frosty climate, the verdant and copious flora and the white and flurry snowfall, all these aspects of Nainital coalesce together with the purpose of attracting endless tourists, not only from our Mother Earth, India but also from inhabitants across the entire globe. Nainital, the City of Lakes, is among the top ten hill stations, worldwide. Nainital is situated in Uttrakhand, India. It is a dwelling of natives as well as of travellers overseas.


The most exclusive highlight of Nainital is the Naina Lake from which the word “Nainital” has been derived. The water that constitutes the Naina Lake glitters in the presence of vivid sunlight. The novelty of the lake is more enhanced by the presence of multiple hues of blue and green in the stream, as the water flows smoothly with a glossy bloom. The water body offers a platform for the most frivolous activity i.e. boating. From sunrise to sunset, several boats, carrying visitors, flow from one end to the other end of the lake, admiring the magnificence of the city.

The popular Nainital Zoo is a habitat to various fauna species like monkeys, bears, leopards, tigers, civet cats, wolves, silver pheasants, hill fox, deer and much more. The gullible and gracious creatures intermingle with the travellers by their endearing movements, reflecting faithfulness and emotions, and joining hands in greeting all the travellers warmly.

maxresdefaultThe city offers recreational activities like rope way, free fall ride and boating, that instils the atmosphere of thrill, adventure and immense mirth. Shopping complexes of Nainital include the “Bhotiya Market” and the Mall Road showrooms that enclose all the unique articles, majorly including designer candles that Nainital is well-known for.

There are numerable furnished hotels situated in Nainital that ensures and provides all the necessities according to the requirements of the guests. The most top rated hotels of Nainital include Hotel Gauri, Hotel Channi Raja, Hotel Lake View, Hotel Manu Maharani and the Pavilion Hotel.

The majority of the restaurants in Nainital cook wide mouth-watering delicacies from across the world that constructs the everlasting demand of Indian dishes in the minds of the foreign guests.


Another popular highlight of Nainital is the “Tiffin Top”. The Rope Way Service of Nainital transmits the visitors to the Tiffin Top of the Hill Station. There are a vast number of adventurous rides for the tourists that scatter passionate thrill and fun. The Free Fall Ride is the most fascinating among all the rides. The Free Fall Ride carries people at a very great height above. While the tourists are seated on the rides, they can easily have a quick view of the Himalayas as well as the entire city from above.

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The appealing view of the city, during the still and sinister hours of darkness, is the most excellent prospect any tourist would love to perceive. The bright and shimmering lights of the city makes a person sense the heavenly and divine atmosphere. No matter how exhausted a person might be, the night view of Nainital drains away all the drowsiness of the person. The seasonal snowfall of Nainital draws millions of vacationers towards itself.

A person who once steps inside this city leaves his heart buried deep inside the grounds of Nainital forever. Hence, the City of Lakes is the one of a preferable hill station. Any person who loves to explore the Nature’s picturesque ornaments must travel around this city.

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