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Situations and Precautionary Reactions: Your Safety!

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  1. Issues related to women have always been a part of every page of a newspaper.

    The sad reality is that we live in an increasingly violent society. The one thing that remains constant is change. But this statement fails in the case of issues related to women. The problems of women are heard by deaf ears, which, therefore, result in no change.

    Not only men have shut the doors of their eyes and ears but also other women. Nobody helps a girl in trouble. Hence, personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, especially women. The popular three monkeys had taught us, “Do not see, listen and speak evil”. True, “do not see the evil”, instead react before anything evil occurs. “Do not listen the evil”, right! Instead react before anyone speaks ill. Hence, there will be no need to speak ill.

To explain the above statements, I put forward some situations and how one should react:

2. A Girl is standing alone at a public place, say a bus stop or in a metro.

She feels that someone is constantly staring at her. She feels uneasy, uncomfortable, also frightened. What can she do? She is alone. But ‘alone’ness does not give others the license to stare. Do not fear! Do not hide! Do not go and slap him! Rather keep standing at the same place and shout out loud pointing towards that man ” Abey oye, ghurna band kar”. Now he will feel scared and ashamed amidst the crowd.

3. A girl is out at day or night and gets stuck in an isolated place.

She feels scared, desolated, also perplexed. What to do? How will she reach a safe place? Do not panic! Do not ask for a lift! Do not board any vehicle (especially a bus)! Rather use a mobile phone. Call friends or parents for help. No matter for what reason she is out at night. No matter whether her parents knew about it or not. What matters is her safety. It is rightly said,” Our safety lies in our own hands”.

4. A Girl is walking on the streets.

Being aware of her surroundings, she feels that a guy or a group of guys is chasing her. She is afraid, feels helpless and weak. She does not know what to do. Do not panic! Do not be nervous! Be strong and shout out aloud. Throw stones at them. Grasp the attention of the crowd nearby.

5. A girl is alone at home and a guy rings the bell.

He pretends to be a needy and asks for water. The sympathetic girl, leaving behind the doors open, went to bring water. And the guy took the advantage. What should have been done? Do not be extra sympathetic. Never leave the doors open, if the guest is a stranger. But the girl has entered herself in danger. Yet be confident and fight back. React before his action. Throw or hit him with anything nearby. Or attack his eyes, punch him harder on the throat, or kick harder on the knees and run out of the house. And yell ‘FIRE’ instead of ‘HELP’. This will grasp the attention of many.

You must have wondered about being in such situations several times. You must be worried of being a home invasion statistic. Above mentioned are a few precautionary reactions. If necessary, women must always be ready to fight back.

Yes, you have the right to fight back, to fight back physically. It is important to understand that you CAN and you SHOULD fight back physically.

Here I end up the article by giving an advice: “Be aware of surroundings, Believe in your instinct, Be ready to fight back”.

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