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Skydiving Florida – An Amazing Guide

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Skydiving is an incredible sport. The sensation and excitement of floating in the air when you make a free fall gives you thrills. If you enjoy skydiving then you must look for Skydiving Florida. It will be one of the most thrilling moments of life. 

In this article, we are going to find out everything about the famous skydiving destinations and learner tips. Here is the perfect guide for Skydiving Florida.

1. Skydiving – A Crazy Sport

Skydiving is completely crazy and a sport full of fun. If you are skydiving for the first time, it is natural to be a little bit scared because it is not easy to just jump off the plane without thinking. But when you do, it will become one of the most beloved moments of your life.

Skydiving Florida

In skydiving, you do a free fall, usually from a plane before opening a parachute for a swift landing on the ground. This sport can be done individually or in groups. It is generally done for fun and rescue operations. It is also part of some military pieces of training.

Some people love skydiving because it gives you a strong feeling of freedom with the whole world a full view and the smiling faces of your fellow skydivers, who you know is feeling the same. You will be able to see everything from a birds-eye view, and it will an extraordinary experience.

2. Skydiving Florida

If you are a skydiving enthusiast and live in or near Florida, then you should explore Skydiving Florida. We all know that the weather in Florida is pleasant all over the year. Skydiving Florida is best during the interval of spring to autumn. Skydiving Florida can be one of the most beautiful adventures of your life.

Skydiving Florida

Central Florida is an awesome spot for both trained and a first-time jumper. From tandem jumps to group falls, it can be an amazing adventure of your life.

3. Best locations for Skydiving Florida

3.1 Skydiving in Miami

If you are in Miami and thinking about Skydiving Florida then this is your place. Skydiving in Maimi is ideal for all levels of skydivers. It will be a thrill of a lifetime. There are numerous wonderful skydiving centres in Miami, FL.

 The Miami Skydiving Center is the best choice for skydiving in Miami. Open for those who are learning to skydive and for those too who are trained. They offer you tandem jumps where an instructor is connected to you via a harness and guides you through the process.

Skydiving Florida

In tandem skydiving, you jump from two miles above the ground to free fall for about forty-five seconds at a speed of one hundred and twenty km/h and with a parachute for four to five minutes until you touch the ground during deceleration. This is the only skydiving destination in Miami with RVT video technology.

You will feel the excitement soaring inside you as you go through the scenic beauty of the Atlantic ocean during your accelerated free fall.

Skydiving Florida

Skydive Miami is another breathtaking destination that offers premium drop zones in Miami. For first-timers, they have Tandem skydiving and Skydiving classes too, so there is nothing to fear. For experts, it is an awesome spot as they offer photo and video services. You can enjoy skydiving Florida all you want.

Skydive Sebastian is another marvellous spot for young skydivers and the trained ones. It offers an amazing view of the Florida coastline and Atlantic ocean where you skydive through the Florida skyline.

It is a group member of the United States Parachute Association which offers tandem skydives. You can also enjoy the Zoo bar and cafe the skydiving gear store and on-site fighting services.

They offer beach skydives and load organizing too. The staff is generous and your safety the foremost requisite. It can prove to be incredible if you want to present your friend a gift certificate on any occasion.

There are many more amazing spots for Skydiving Florida in Miami like Skydiving South BE and Redland Tropical Trail and many more. You must explore them if you love skydiving.

Read The 10 best Skydiving spots in Miami to know more about Skydiving in Miami.


3.2 Skydiving in Orlando

If you want to skydive over the skies of Central Florida then Orlando is your spot. Once you have tasted the thrill and excitement of skydiving, you will never look at the sky in the same way. If you want to enjoy indoor skydiving, then you must go to iFLY Orlando. You can experience the thrill of indoor skydiving here.

The Skydiving Space Center, Orlando allows you to fly through the Space coast near Orlando. They offer you tandem jumps, accelerated freefall training with professionals, skydiving photo services, and skydiving video services.

During your skydive you’ll have an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean, the Indian River, and full vision of the launch sites and main shuttle assembly building of the Kennedy Space Center. Some of the world’s highest jumps, from 18,000 feet have been made here.

Skydiving Florida

Jump Florida Skydiving is another amazing spot for skydivers. They have centres in Tampa, St. Petersburg,g and Orlando, FL. It is one of the best locations for first-time skydivers. Jump Florida Skydiving centre offers tandem jumps, skydiving photos, and skydiving videos. 

3.3 Skydiving in Tampa

Tampa is a beautiful city in Florida, and if you get a chance to get a birds-eye view, then why to miss it? There are many amazing skydiving spots in Tampa too. 

The Skydive City Z-Hills, according to their saying, is the world’s friendliest drop zone. It is the perfect spot for all types of skydivers, first-time jumpers, the experienced and professional ones.

Skydiving Florida

Skydivers from more than eighty countries and the entire US and Canada gather here to experience skydiving and parachuting. This centre is also is known as “the Z-Hills”, “the world-famous Z-Hills” or “the Zephyrhills parachute centre”.

Jump Florida Skydiving, Florida’s premier skydiving destination also has centres in Florida. They are perfect for first-time skydivers.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Center, Tampa, FL, is an amazing spot for indoor skydiving. If you want to do something different from actual skydiving or are too scared to jump from a flying plane, then you can try indoor skydiving and feel the thrill and excitement.

There are many other wonderful spots in Tampa for skydiving Florida like, Skydiving Land, Clearwater Skydiving, Moonlight rigging, and many more.

3.4 Skydiving in Tallahassee

If you are ready for Skydiving Florida, then Tallahassee is one of the most beautiful spots. Tallahassee can bestow you the adventure and thrill you’re looking for. 

The School of Human Flight has centres in Tallahassee, Panama City and, Valdosta. Established in 1994, it is North Florida’s oldest and most trusted skydiving school. It is a part of the United States Parachute Association.

They specialize in first-time Tandems and Accelerated free fall(AFF)  jumps and training. Along with tandem jumps and parachute training, they also offer corporate/club days where you can bring a group of people and enjoy picnics and parties.

Skydive Panama City is another amazing skydiving spot. They offer fun, safe, and exciting skydiving trips in the Northwest Florida panhandle.


So these are the top destinations in Florida if you desire to cut out Skydiving from your bucket list. They will ensure your safety and will give you a lifetime experience that will leave you wanting for more.

4. Some tips for first-time skydivers

Skydiving is an amazing sport which you must try at least once in your life to get a memorable experience. But for doing it for the first time you need to have guts, it is not a joke to just jump out of a flying plane in the middle of the sky. Hence, it is important to keep in mind some safeguards and preparation tips before you go on this exploration.

4.1  Have a good prep talk with trained skydivers and trainers

The first few jumps in skydiving can be daunting for one. Remember that all the proficient skydivers were newbies too. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything if you have a doubt. If you have motion sickness, you need to inform your instructor first so they can help you out.

Get to know about the best skydiving and learner spots in your area. You can ask for tips and advice you’ll need for your first jumps. Once you go to the spot you’ll find that they are accommodating and talking with may calm your nerves a little bit which is normal.

4.2 Have a good sleep and avoid alcohol before training sessions

Skydiving requires all your senses and body at full attention. So a skydiver needs to give their body full rest and comfort. Having a good night’s sleep before the session day will be beneficial. Drinking alcohol before sessions will decrease your alertness.

Skydiving involves many instructions and precautions which are essential to be followed. So you need to avoid drinking for a few days before training sessions.

4.3 Have some virtual practice

You can opt to watch some classic skydiving movies or videos to get yourself prepared beforehand. This can help decrease your fear and will prepare you for this amazing journey.

4.4 Wear tight clothes

While you go for Skydiving, you need to check the clothes you wear. If you go on a skydive wearing loose clothes, then you’re going to freeze. To avoid a chilly jump, a jumpsuit will be just fine.Skydiving Florida

Some skydiving centres provide jumpsuits at the site, but some don’t, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand. It also helps you while landing to protect your body from minor injuries.

For shoes you need to wear tightly laced tennis shoes; otherwise, the wind will sweep them off your feet.

4.5 About skydiving gear and equipment

Being a first-time skydiver, you will be provided all the equipment at the training centre. You need not get excited and buy all types of equipment. First, it is important to learn all the methods and styles. Then you can choose and try the style you like the most. Do experiments with your talent and chose the gear accordingly.

What should you expect when you’re skydiving for the first time? Watch this video to know it all.

To know more about Tandem skydiving, read the article: Tandem skydiving – A thrilling guide.

5. Skydiving records set in Florida

Here we’re going to read some skydiving records set in Florida so that you can understand how amazing Skydiving Florida can be as people love to skydive here. 

5.1 CRW Records

Skydiving FloridaCRW here stands for Canopy Related Records. No matter if you’ve learned canopy making for years or you’ve just had a new interest, you can participate. This competition takes place in the Florida Skydiving Center, Lake Wales, FL. In canopy formation, many skydivers jump together and make an inverted pyramid-shaped canopy formation.

It is a four-day length event, and a huge crowd is there to rejoice the event. Many world records have been made in this event. One of them is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, where 100 jumpers made a canopy formation.

5.2 SANS Skydiving

SANS here stands for Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving. A SANS formation is accomplished when a team of naked skydivers do an accelerated freefall jointly and make a formation. All of them must be SANS members.

This skydiving association is gaining popularity every day because of its unique type of skydiving where all the skydivers do the free fall naked except the safety equipment.

Skydiving FloridaFour of these records are set up in Florida, all of them in Skydive Panama City Skydiving Center in Panama City, Florida.

There are many more skydiving records in the Guinness Book of World Records, and not only from Florida but all around the world, many of them from Carolina and Missouri. So now we know that it is a world-famous sport and Florida one of the best destinations for skydiving.


So as you know by now, Skydiving in all is an amazing sport. In this article, we covered everything about Skydiving Florida and some tips if you are thinking to learn how to skydive. Many passionate people love to skydive; let’s be one of them. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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